Systems Team


Support during installation and setup of SCHEMA ST4 as fully integrated component of your infrastructure by our administrators.

Application Management

Installation, support and maintenance of your SCHEMA ST4 system in your company-own IT landscape throughout the whole product life cycle, so that administration is minimized for you but you will at the same time not have to go without your established IT system landscape.

Application Hosting

Outsourcing of your ST4 installation to hardware that is hosted and supported by us in a high-security and highly available data center in Nuremberg. This makes it no longer necessary to provide IT resources in you company for the use of ST4 and you additionally profit by our know-how around the operation of ST4.

Application Providing

Provision of SCHEMA ST4 on lease in our Cloud, which is located in the high-security data center in Nuremberg. Based on flexible time periods you can use ST4 from almost everywhere and no hardware of your own is necessary on which ST4 must be installed.

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