SCHEMA ST4 Online – A Good Idea?

Published: 2021-09-08 Updated: 2022-08-23

Just like many other office jobs, the landscape of technical writing departments has changed dramatically. Mobile working is the new status quo, as are the software solutions that have to meet the associated requirements. Ideally, company data will be kept in a secure location, the software applications used will be set up to be reliable, and employees will be able to access these from anywhere and using any device.

SCHEMA ST4 Online – A Good Idea?

That is why many companies are looking for the right solution for them: a web application that offers security, reliability, and the option of distributed work processing. Think of it as an adequate online workstation that can be accessed from anywhere. Technical writing departments are no exception here, as they too are searching for these kinds of solutions. Our SCHEMA ST4 component content management system can also be used online and offers all these benefits. The next question here is of course how it will actually look and what advantages it will offer. 

Version A: Starting SCHEMA ST4 online via the browser

One option for using SCHEMA ST4 online is the Internet browser. As soon as you have logged in, you can start the app. It goes without saying that SCHEMA ST4 is fully functional here too. The browser can be hidden via a full-screen function to make the most of the screen. This approach to working with SCHEMA ST4 offers maximum flexibility and therefore also efficiency. Any and every device can be used with a browser, no matter where you are. No additional installations are necessary. 

Version B: Starting SCHEMA ST4 online via the desktop

Although in this case the app is installed in the cloud and run here too, the interface blends seamlessly into your desktop – just like locally installed software. You will not notice any difference but you will be working online. SCHEMA ST4 opens with a double-click and can be used as normal. To do this, you just need an installed Microsoft Desktop client. 


As you can see, SCHEMA ST4 can be used online with full functionality. This makes light work of distributed work processing for technical writing departments and offers all the associated benefits, namely that the team does not need to work at one central location to be efficient and your data and software can be accessed anywhere and using any device – all while remaining secure and reliable.