What is ST4 AI Jetpack?

ST4 AI Jetpack uploads your content to our cloud-based solution, which is integrated directly into your SCHEMA ST4 environment in the form of a plug-in. AI Jetpack uses artificial intelligence to analyze your content and then generates the associated metadata automatically.

In just a few clicks you can create your own metadata for even a large number of information modules. Metadata can be manually edited if required and then automatically imported back into ST4. Thanks to ST4 AI Jetpack, metadata assignment is up to 80% faster and significantly less prone to errors.

ST4 AI Jetpack plus provides you the option to customize your ST4 AI Jetpack setup.

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ST4 AI Jetpack was created in collaboration with plusmeta


plusmeta uses artificial intelligence to enrich technical content with metadata and thus power up your content to face new challenges.

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SCHEMA ST4 is flexible

We can of course implement any individual requirements that you identify as relevant in your processes or interfaces with third-party systems of other technical writing teams. All you have to do is ask! We can also boost SCHEMA ST4 and provide specific functions, if required. The following options are available:.


Quanos InfoTwin is an SaaS offering for technical documentation (content delivery) and service/aftersales activities that allows you to distribute large amounts of product-related information from SCHEMA ST4 and other online and offline sources, giving your users the opportunity to find the right information in a matter of seconds. This increases quality and customer satisfaction whilst reducing your service costs. With Quanos InfoTwin you can turn your technical documentation into digital added value!

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Create documentation at any time and from anywhere and still be really easy to use? Welcome to ST4 Web Author, the future of the CCMS!

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All the benefits and full functionality of ST4 - but in the cloud. And in combination with ST4 Web Author. A great combination!

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Sustainable optimization of ST4 with minimal effort? Exactly! With our ST4 Smart Extensions, we offer you specific solutions - from automation to completely new, intelligent functions. This puts your technical writing department in the fast lane with SCHEMA ST4.

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Standardize and automate recurring tasks. Configure it straight in SCHEMA ST4 and your automation solution is ready to go! Whether you are creating automatic nodes, uploading data from the PLM system, or starting production in a number of variants - in ST4, you simply implement your own automation requirements.

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Even the standard version of SCHEMA ST4 allows so much to be achieved. For particularly individual requirements, we can modify your SCHEMA ST4 to suit your particular needs, or we can support you in creating layouts, workflows, and much more.

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Moving images without additional software? Yes, in SCHEMA ST4 you can bring movement to your callout graphics with Callout in Motion. This makes animated step-by-step instructions super easy and your documentation much more vivid.