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Find all technical product information in no time at all? That's not a pipe dream. Content Delivery makes it possible.

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Are you also constantly looking for the right information?

Continuously searching then drawing a blank... unfortunately, this is often the reality in technical documentation and product communication. The information may be available, but it's hidden in one of hundreds of potential locations. Or it's available, but not up to date. Or it doesn't quite relate to the product in question. Whether you're a customer or internal employee, far too much time is wasted on searching for the right information. But it doesn't have to be like this; there are other solutions.

With a content delivery system like Quanos InfoTwin, you can pool all your technical documentation in a central location.


Did you already know?

What exactly is content delivery?

Content delivery is the central point of information for content from technical writing teams. Content delivery systems can be designed for internal use within a company or for the external information needs of suppliers and customers. Content delivery pools diverse content from different sources into one central location online. The technical writing department, or another responsible department, enriches this information with metadata, for example, regarding target groups, product series, or its purpose. The technical writing department also ensures the information provided is up to date and processes user feedback.


What is the challenge facing content delivery?

It is often difficult to find the right way to reach users in every situation. In an ideal world, every target group will easily find the information they need at the click of a button. In reality, they have to search through printed documents, online information, outdated versions, and instructions for professionals, when all they needed was a quick tutorial. In the worst-case scenario, they find information that they are not even allowed to see.

Our content delivery system, Quanos InfoTwin, helps you tackle this while also providing users of the system with much easier access to information. 

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And that's the solution!

You can collate all the information relating to your product in a content delivery system, regardless of whether you created the information yourself or it is provided as supplier documentation by external parties. Users can search through the information directly in the system: you enrich the information with metadata, allowing you to control for which product groups, target groups, or operational tasks (e.g., sales, installation, maintenance, training) the respective data in the system are relevant.

Users of the content delivery system can then access the database directly. As all authorized users have their own usage profile, you can easily ensure that the right people are getting the right kind of information. As the information provider, the technical writing department can also be sure that the target groups only access up-to-date, released information. It is also possible to see an overview of the information that has been accessed, giving you an idea of which type of information is particularly popular.

Content delivery has a range of benefits for users, one of which is convenient access to all relevant information. Powerful search functions and filtering mechanisms provide better search results than before. Central access to information for users also ensures that they only ever see the up-to-date, released version. As all users have their own profile, the reading experience can be customized more easily, e.g., by using favorites, bookmarks, or the reading history or saved searches features. Last but not least, content delivery also opens a feedback channel to the information providers. This means any difficulties understanding the information can be clarified more easily or suggestions for making further information available can be made, for example.

Using content delivery does not mean that the technical writing department has to manage its own content delivery server. This is also offered as a SaaS model (software as a service) by Quanos, meaning that we run and manage the content delivery server while the information provider concentrates on the technical writing tasks and accesses the system online.

With Quanos InfoTwin, create ONE destination for all your product information and make this available for internal and external people.

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