With our solution, manufacturers and operators of machines and plants can easily create interactive digital parts catalogs and related content.

Our system enables users (customers, service technicians, dealers) to use this valuable information on any device at any time. In this way the right spare parts and maintenance information can be found and ordered immediately.

This provides all the information needed for the service call and makes it possible to order or sell spare parts easily online.

How to identify spare parts in seconds

Search less - find more, act faster - increase productivity

The catalog system provides access to current data and all service information about your machine.

The data is maintained, managed and updated centrally in one system. Parts lists, 2D and 3D drawings, service documents and circuit diagrams are linked bidirectionally and are available to you and your service technician at a glance. With visual or graphic support, you can find the information you need with just a few clicks.

Reach your goal without detours and find the right part quickly and accurately. Your service technician no longer wastes time searching for the required information in different systems or calling your service hotline.

There will be fewer queries to your service hotline and the rate of incorrect orders will decrease. You save time and protect your resources.

Visual identification

  • Visual representation of machines, assemblies, spare parts
  • Navigation via 2D and 3D graphics, photos, illustrations
  • Direct comparison with reality


Navigate accurately

  • All service information is structured and logically presented at a glance
  • Find exactly what you need - from the machine to the component to the spare part

Find correctly

  • Search the complete catalog content or specifically in defined areas
  • Search within documents and circuit diagrams

20 % less incorrect orders

Our customers show how it is done

Our customers recorded a decrease of about 20% in incorrect orders when using the spare parts catalog solution.

You too can reduce the workload of your service technicians, relieve the support hotline and offer your customers a whole new after-sales experience.

Find the right spare parts

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Want to know how your users can find the right service information directly? Find out in our brochure how our service information system saves you valuable resources and time in identifying the right service information.

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Selling spare parts - directly from the catalog

Sell your spare parts in no time with our practical catalog system. All information about spare parts can be found intuitively. Your customer can easily identify the part he needs, put it into the shopping cart with one click and order it directly. The ordering process is carried out without the need for help or other systems.

Simple, fast, accurate, around the clock - this is how spare parts orders should be.

Avoid incorrect orders - relieve the support hotline

  • Fewer queries
  • Fewer trips for the service technician
  • Better information capability of the service hotline
  • Cost savings through fewer incorrect orders


Thanks to up-to-date and correct information, the user does not need any help with ordering from the hotline. This is done directly in the catalog system without media discontinuity and language barriers. Queries to the service or order hotline are thus significantly reduced, which provides noticeable relief. The rate of incorrect orders is also significantly reduced. You save on personnel resources while increasing the quality of your service.

Increase of spare parts sales

  • 24/7 order possibility
  • Display of availability and prices
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Higher customer and dealer loyalty


Through the connection to your merchandise management system, you can enrich inquiries or orders with individual prices and availability. Thus, your customers and service technicians have access to the full scope of information and an extended range of products for placing a professional order. This opens the door to international markets, expands your customer base and increases spare parts sales worldwide.

Why is this useful?

20 %

less incorrect orders

30 %

Less calls to the order hotline, as customers now order themselves

20 %

Less time expenditure during the ordering process

Sell spare parts online

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The aim of the after-sales service business is to generate further profit through spare parts after the sale of the machine. Learn in our brochure how to optimize your ordering process and easily offer spare parts for order or sale.

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Our customers about us

„About 5,000 users globally use our spare parts catalogue both online and the offline DVD. The DVDs are updated weekly by delta updates via the Internet. That is how we constantly keep our spare partscatalogues up-to-date. And also we save substantial costs that would arise if we had to re-generate and re-distribute the DVDs.“


Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH
„TID gave us the impression that CATALOGcreator® would empower us to implement solutions quickly and without bureaucratic overhead. This turned out to be a great advantage for the cooperation later in the project.“

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