The spare parts ordering process to date: Too laborious, too time consuming

Those who work in machinery and plant construction are used to ordering a wide range of products and tracking their orders with ease online and around the clock in their personal lives.

At work, however, ordering the necessary material is often much more complex – as a result, spare parts are often still ordered over the phone or by email.


The consequences of this are:

Slow processes

Analog ordering processes make it difficult to coordinate with purchasing staff and slow down the approval processes.

Increasing pressure

Misunderstandings lead to incorrect orders – this slows down the handling of incidents. Problems with service managers or customers are inevitable.

High costs

Incorrect orders and complicated processes cause frustration - and of course costs that should be avoidable.

Redundant steps

If a service technician needs a part often, they have to waste time looking into it and repeating the same ordering process time and time again.

No overview

When ordering over the phone or by email, there’s no overview – you can’t view the order history, part numbers, delivery times, prices, or documentation.

Little flexibility

If it is not possible to order spare parts outside the business hours of service hotlines, it is hardly feasible to ensure smooth machine operation at all times.

The future – digital, direct, and easy: Spare parts orders via the spare parts catalog

A spare parts catalog with integrated online shop offers your service staff, Sales team, or customers a modern way to order – instead of calling, users can order their spare parts online and enjoy all the benefits of e-commerce.

Users will notice just how easy it is to order spare parts via digital spare parts catalogs as soon as they begin to look for the right part: each spare part is just a few clicks away in the catalog.

The quickest way to get the right part: Smart functions make navigation easy – as machines become ever more complex, this is a real advantage to service technicians and maintenance staff.

The benefits of digital spare parts catalogs for ordering spare parts

Providers and users of spare parts catalogs with digital ordering options enjoy numerous benefits:

Catalog creators

  • Modernization of the ordering process for selling spare parts
  • Boost spare parts sales by removing barriers to placing a spare parts order
  • Integration of the catalog into the online shop and the ERP system to provide a seamless ordering process
  • Reduce the load on the support staff by minimizing the number of customer inquiries 
  • Optimization of the range of spare parts thanks to transparency in regard to order numbers
  • Customers and service staff are more satisfied

Catalog users

  • Numerous search options for easy, reliable identification of spare parts
  • Flexible order options regardless of business hours and time zones 
  • Direct transfer of the right parts to the shopping cart
  • Easy re-ordering with a single click thanks to fully available order history
  • Overview of parts ordered and the order processing status
  • Efficient processing of incidents and therefore less downtime

3 issues which become a thing of the past with a spare parts catalog

Incorrect orders

Digital and automatic functions reduce errors during ordering and processing – and thereby the gray market risk.

Language barriers

Spare parts catalogs are available in different languages – thereby lowering the barriers for international orders.


Spare parts buyers can find everything they need to place an order in the catalog – there’s no need for separate inquiries over the phone.

The result

The spare parts catalog makes the ordering process quicker, easier, and more transparent for everyone involved. Buyers can also access digital information about the ordered parts and relevant documents at all times.

Implement digital spare parts ordering: With Quanos

To provide your customers and service staff with a modern ordering process and all the associated benefits of using a spare parts catalog, you need Quanos


What is Quanos

This software for machinery and plant construction

  • makes it easy to create spare parts catalogs and service information systems
  • integrates, consolidates, and links together service-relevant data
  • provides service technicians and maintenance staff with all the information relevant to the ordering process via a user-friendly interface
  • enables orders to be placed around the clock, seven days a week
  • is the basis for a holistic information system for aftersales and service which improves efficiency and quality, reduces costs, and speeds up processes 


Why is Quanos the foundation for efficient spare parts ordering?

Spare parts suppliers integrate the service information system seamlessly into their processes and benefit from optimizations to order processing and rising sales figures. The digital spare parts catalog is your ‘digital shop window’, allowing your customers to order spare parts more efficiently.


More about Quanos

Ordering spare parts has never been as easy as with Quanos

Make it easy to order spare parts and exceed the expectations of service technicians, maintenance staff, and customers. Quanos offers everything you need and modernizes your ordering process.

Quanos offers:

... single click transfer of the spare or wear parts and accessories you are looking for into the integrated shopping cart

... direct ordering or inquiries from the catalog, without the need to use the phone or separate forms

... easy ordering processes every time – thanks to the ability to reorder frequently required parts via the order history

Specific advantages for all involved at a glance

20 %

fewer incorrect orders

30 %

fewer calls to the order hotline, since customers can now order themselves

20 %

less time for order processing

See for yourself

Offer lean, quick, and seamless ordering processes

Quanos ensures that your technicians, service staff, and customers can do their jobs more quickly and efficiently. See for yourself the advantages that Quanos brings to modern spare parts ordering.

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