Sell Spare Parts

Digitally and Directly from the Spare Parts Catalog

As a manufacturer, you know how important it is for production to run smoothly. By selling spare parts, you help your customers to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

With a digital spare parts catalog, you can sell the necessary spare parts around the clock – digitally and via self-service.

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An end to incorrect orders and overtime

While end users can now conveniently shop online, the reality in industry often looks a little different:

Outdated processes

Spare parts are mainly ordered via the order hotline or email – which requires a lot of effort from the spare part sales team, leads to complicated ordering processes and puts an unnecessary burden on the sales staff.

Frequent incorrect orders

As machines become ever more complex, it gets harder to identify parts, resulting in expensive incorrect orders – orders dictated over the phone and language barriers are also sources of error.

Increasing pressure

The margins are high on spare parts – but boosting sales potential is difficult for many companies. Customer expectations are also increasing: they have come to expect the same functions when ordering spare parts online as they do for private purchases.

Digital parts sales: The spare parts catalog as a sales channel

Offer your customers all the advantages of modern e-commerce and save time on spare parts sales – with a digital spare parts catalog.

A digital catalog allows customers to find all the information they need about the parts they need – intuitively and directly. Spare parts can be identified in no time at all and added to the shopping cart with a single click. Your customers can place the order themselves – this accelerated order processing doesn’t require any additional effort by aftersales.

A spare parts catalog supports e-commerce in machine construction as follows:

  • Intuitive search options for easy, reliable identification of spare parts
  • Direct transfer of the part you’re looking for to the shopping cart
  • Multiple languages lower barriers for international customers
  • Seamless, digital processes reduce media discontinuities
  • Self-service functions minimize the amount of contact requests by phone
  • Availability around the clock and in all time zones

Your advantages in figures

20 %

Fewer incorrect orders

Sell spare parts via a spare parts catalog and reduce the number of incorrect orders, saving time for both yourself and your customers. This increases customer satisfaction and boosts spare parts sales.

30 %

Fewer calls to the order hotline

Sell spare parts via a spare parts catalog and relieve the strain on your support hotline. Your customers will find the spare part they’re looking for more quickly and your team will have more time for demanding tasks.

20 %

Less time for order processing

Sell spare parts via a spare parts catalog and you can communicate individual prices and availability to your customers if you connect the catalog system to your ERP system.

The infrastructure for your digital spare parts sales: Quanos

Want to create spare parts catalogs efficiently and use them as the basis for e-commerce in machine construction? Then Quanos is the software for you.

Three facts about Quanos

  • The software makes it easy to create spare parts catalogs and service information systems.
  • It integrates, consolidates, and links together service-relevant data.
  • A user-friendly interface provides your team, your dealers, and your customers with all the information needed for spare parts sales 24/7.

Create a comprehensive information system for your aftersales and service staff: with Quanos, plant and machinery manufacturers benefit from greater efficiency and quality, faster processes, and lower costs. 


More about Quanos

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Revenue beyond the initial machine sale

With a modern aftersales service, you can also generate further profit after the sale of the machine, making spare parts the driver of your success. Get to know the strategies that can optimize your ordering process and make spare parts even easier to sell.

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Sell spare parts with Quanos (almost) automatically

Provide your customers with spare parts, accessories, and service packages digitally, directly, and quickly. Quanos offers the necessary infrastructure for modern spare parts sales.

Quanos provides you with more than just a sales channel.

You benefit from:

  • Your own B2B webshop with user and order management system, 24/7 ordering, and a shopping cart function with configurable processes and check out.
  • More service revenue and fewer disadvantages due to the gray market.
  • Easy access to external shop and portal systems, as you can use the consolidated, linked data multiple times.

See for yourself

Get to know the new simplicity of spare parts sales

Put yourself in the service technician’s shoes – try our online demo yourself to see just how easy it is to identify and order spare parts with Quanos Discover spare parts sales made easy!

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Your ordering processes are complex…

…and you want to map them in an integrated online shop for spare parts?

Our whitepaper "B2B Shop for Spare Parts: How Machine Manufacturers Can Raise their Turnover with E-commerce" provides you with all the information and practical tips you need for holistic and sustainable success in spare parts sales.

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