Capability "Documentation & Knowledge"

Provide networked information centrally

Quanos InfoTwin offers internal and external users access to modular product-related documentation for machines and plants supplied – so that the exact information required is available anytime, anywhere.

With the Documentation & Knowledge Capability:

  • you will create ONE destination for all of your product information and make this available for internal and external people
  • you will create digital information twins of your products in the cloud, which can be accessed at any time and from anywhere
  • various types of information are automatically linked and they reference each other. Third-party systems can easily be connected as sources.


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Capability "Spare Parts"

Identify spare parts more efficiently

The Spare Parts Capability of Quanos InfoTwin offers internal and external users access to information on assets, Spare Parts, and bills of materials suitable for the machine and/or plant concerned – anytime and anywhere.

The Spare Parts Capability enables:

  • the visual identification of spare parts with interactive 2D drawings and 3D models
  • the display of linked spare part bill of materials with all key information
  • the navigation through the assembly structure of the product


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Capability "Service Activities"

Carry out jobs more efficiently

With step-by-step instructions, the Service Activities Capability of Quanos InfoTwin supports internal and external users in performing repair and maintenance work for the reliable operation of machines & plants.

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The Service Activities Capabilities:

  • provides service technicians with a clear step-by-step wizard for carrying out service activities
  • displays all key information for a service activity (e.g. required tools, spare parts or wear parts). Service technicians can thus prepare optimally for the service calls.
  • gives access to all service activities with their own characteristics, such as service levels, etc. - for a quick overview of upcoming to-dos


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Put yourself in the shoes of a service technician and experience how to find relevant service information easily and efficiently in Quanos InfoTwin.