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Whitepaper & Ebook

Smart Information in Service

The idea behind after-sales service has changed! How Can You Shift from Product to Service?

Product factsheet

Capability "Service Activites“

Does your service technician know at any time about the next step of his work? With Quanos InfoTwin, you can organize service cal…

Product factsheet

GÉNIE for InfoTwin

You do not yet have your own online shop and want a quick and easy way to tap into e-commerce? Create a seamless connection betwe…

Product factsheet

Networking with Quanos InfoTwin

Is your information in aftersales & service already intelligently networked? Break down data silos and create real added value in…

Whitepaper & Ebook

From Repair to Predictive Maintenance of Entire Machine Parks

How smart is your maintenance? Stay efficient and increase your reliability with smart maintenance.

Product factsheet

Efficiency Upgrade Through 3D Spare Parts Catalogs in Aftersales

Enabling Your Service Technicians and Customers to Take Advantage of 3D Data


What Most Companies Forget During Digitization

Five steps with specific to-dos to check off that will enable you to design the path to a digital information platform in your co…

Whitepaper & Ebook

Cooperation in Aftersales: Putting Your Service Knowledge to Use in the World of Work 4.0

Strategies for efficient cooperation with demographic change.

Whitepaper & Ebook

Why Transport Fleets Need to Go Digital as Well as Electric

Benefits of electrically powered vehicle fleets

Whitepaper & Ebook

Digital Information Twin: A New Look at Your Products

Not only products become smart, but also their creation: Frequently asked questions about digital twins and the future of your pr…

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Interactive Instructions for more Efficiency in Technical Services

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Intelligent Instead of Just Digital: Smart Information in Aftersales & Service

Are your colleagues in other departments already benefiting from aftersales data? If not, it's time to act! This is your …