Networked information as the basis for new business models

In order to provide required information in a targeted manner, the intelligent networking of all the content and systems in the aftersales and service ecosystem is needed:

  • between documentation and spare parts management,
  • between departments and individuals, and
  • between humans and machines.

This is where Quanos InfoTwin comes into play. This modular cloud solution enables the simple and smart networking of information from technical documentation, spare parts management, and other sources. 

Methods of networking

In order to use data and information from different data sources consistently, there are several ways to network your own or third-party systems using Quanos InfoTwin:

With the TwinAPI of Quanos InfoTwin, information can be requested from external systems at the push of a button and at any time, regardless of the use case.

The “connectors” – interfaces programmed specially for a specific system – enable both the provision of information and the bidirectional exchange of data between systems.

Examples of connectors:

Shop connector for GÉNIE for InfoTwin:

  • E-commerce extension for Quanos InfoTwin
  • Online shop solution from FDI Digital Business specially optimized for mechanical engineering and the manufacturing industry
  • Easy and hassle-free entry for companies that do not yet have their own online shop system


More on GÉNIE for InfoTwin

ST4 InfoTwin Connector:

  • Connects the XML technical content management system SCHEMA ST4 to Quanos InfoTwin
  • Enables you to organize, reference, and publish all documents, service activities, taxonomies, and metadata via the interface
  • Provides data at the push of a button via REST API in Quanos InfoTwin

The connectors are interfaces specially programmed for specific systems.

We would be happy to develop the right connector for your shop, ERP, or PLM system.


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