Quanos InfoTwin is the new, modular cloud solution for networking and providing information in aftersales & service.

Quanos InfoTwin offers manufacturers and operators of machines and plants valuable insights regarding the status of their assets, and a central database for aftersales & service. The software links expertise from the technical documentation department with spare parts information systems for the first time. As a standardized cloud solution for aftersales & service, the out-of-the-box solution is ready to use immediately with the possibility of modular expansion. Quanos InfoTwin is easy to use and links all relevant information for the aftersales & service process with a digital information twin, thus creating the basis for new business models and smart services.


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MINDA Industrieanlagen GmbH
„With InfoTwin, an information source has been created that can simplify the work not only of the customer, but also of the fitter or service technician, for example. Whether it's spare parts or maintenance work for the customer and service technician, or assembly or transport of the machine for the fitter, the bundled and filterable information means that many can benefit from the information provided by the InfoTwin at the same time.“

MINDA Industrieanlagen GmbH Lena Bredemeier | Technical Editor

„It was a great feeling when the system displayed the right images for the product on the first try. The Quanos InfoTwin is easy to use and allows for quick successes; existing BOMs can be quickly integrated and linked with the other data to form a catalog structure. In documentation we use Schema ST4, this data can also be integrated into InfoTwin without much effort.“

WILO SE Holger Danielzik | Spare Parts Documentation

Quanos InfoTwin in a nutshell​

Future-proof cloud solution
for aftersales & service  


Networking of
smart information


for use


Basis for
smart services


1. Future-proof cloud solution

Quanos InfoTwin is the result of our experience from more than 11,000 client projects conveniently packaged in a new, future-proof cloud solution. The software offers manufacturers and operators of machines and plant valuable insights regarding the status of their assets and a central database for aftersales & service.


The standard solution in the cloud

  • No need for your own IT resources
  • Cloud-native: no installation required, software can be used straight from your browser
  • Up-to-date: the latest version is always available, thanks to continuous enhancement and the provision of new features and updates at regular intervals
  • High scalability
  • Future-proof guaranteed through modularity
  • All data stored in certified data centers ensuring high data security

2. Networking of smart information

Quanos InfoTwin consolidates disparate information to form a digital information twin, thus managing product- and situation-specific knowledge. Spare parts information and technical documentation are used as the basis for continuous and modular enhancement of both database and functionality with minimum effort required.


Smart networking and provision in a single software package

  • Links expertise from the technical documentation department with spare parts information systems for the first time
  • Easy import from leading source systems via the web interface or API
  • Intelligent networking and provision of all information relevant for aftersales & service to form a digital information twin
  • Focuses on the asset or product and provides all information available from technical documentation, spare parts catalogs, CAD data, 3D models, ticket and shop systems, and much more

Connected Content Delivery

Take your technical documentation to the next level with Quanos InfoTwin. Make your technical documentation available in the Quanos InfoTwin in the cloud from anywhere. On top, Quanos InfoTwin also connects tech doc content with that from Service and Aftersales, so that your service processes run as smoothly as possible.

Your Digital Information Twin paves the way for Industry 4.0 in your company as well.

3. Ready for use

We take care of the operation and security of the cloud solution, thus enabling easy access with no IT investment for you and your customers.


Take advantage of packaged solutions 

  • Standard software for a quick start and easy operation
  • Easy (automatic) connection of data from various sources systems with no IT costs
  • Low risk and no commitment, thanks to SaaS functionality
  • Modular yet easy to expand at any time
  • Access to tried-and-tested & packaged modules based on years of experience

4. Basis for smart services

Quanos InfoTwin supports you in the creation of digital information twins for your machines and plant. Smart networking and transparent provision of all relevant information enables new business models and value-added services (smart services) to be set up on a sound basis of knowledge.


Paves the way for new business models for customers and their customers

  • Provision of all necessary aftersales and service information via a web interface
  • Worldwide availability 24/7 for all users via a browser
  • Additional income through digital value-added services, e.g., through data provision via the TwinAPI
  • New business and accounting models (SaaS, subscription, etc.) based on analytical information on assets

Information networking for manufacturers and operators of machines and plant

Developed for customers who

  • are seeking easy access to quickly tap into initial efficiency potentials
  • wish to benefit from reliable data structures, processes, and functionalities for information management in aftersales & service
  • wish to get started with no additional in-house IT infrastructure or complex infrastructure project
  • wish to invest in the modular upgrading of data, processes, and functions

At a glance: A multitude of benefits for aftersales & service

Save time and costs


  • Consolidation of various data sources
  • Intelligent search of all content
  • Access anytime, anywhere

New business models


  • Flexible expansion thanks to SaaS model
  • Easy integration via the TwinAPI


Increase sales


  • Sale of spare/consumable parts
  • Easy identification and avoidance of incorrect orders

Optimize service KPIs


  • Increase first-time-fix rate (FTF)
  • Self service for your customers

Save time and costs for increased productivity in service

The cloud service means that Quanos InfoTwin is available around the world and around the clock on any device.

Quanos InfoTwin connects with the widest variety of data sources, thus constantly providing context-relevant and additional information.

Searches with Quanos InfoTwin find the right answers. Thanks to the smart search, the right information can be found quickly and easily, even in the largest of databases.

The service wizard provides information on upcoming tasks, gives an overview of the spare parts and tools required, and guides the user through all the necessary steps.

Increased sales

Tap into additional sales potential with Quanos InfoTwin


Quanos InfoTwin gives customers direct access to the right spare parts and consumable parts, including details on availability, lead times, and costs, all of which exploits additional sources of income.

Interactive 2D drawings and 3D models enable identification of the right spare part, and avoid costly incorrect orders.

Create a summary of all spare parts required with a single click. An interface enables the spare parts to be transferred directly to a shop system for the order process.

Develop new business models

Smart information enables smart services and new business models


Quanos InfoTwin opens up new business opportunities based on analytical information on the respective assets (MIF, fleet, etc.). 

The modular SaaS model enables the addition of flexible new functions and services. This means customers can also be offered additional services and information at the same time.

The TwinAPI enables all information to be integrated in separate apps and portals.

Share the latest service documentation to suit the relevant target group. Information is thus prepared, as appropriate, for each addressee and also enables monetization of chargeable content.

Competitive capacity & service KPIs

Lead the way and optimize competitive capacity & service KPIs


All necessary information is available around the clock. Smart processes and transparent information improve response times, reduce processing times, shorten downtimes, significantly increase the first-time-fix rate (FTF), and help avoid errors.

Greater competitive capacity thanks to customer-centered services based on clear service information. The intuitive web interface and information tailored to suit the user means that your customers will find the right solution quickly and easily.

Package all your service expertise into a single platform! This makes it quicker for new staff to learn and easier to give all staff all the knowledge they need.

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Documentation & knowledge​

  • Centralize information
  • Make product information available at any time
  • Information network

Service activities​

  • Clear, step-by-step wizard for carrying out service activities
  • Display of all key information for a service activity (metadata, tools, spare parts)
  • Access to all service activities with their own characteristics, such as service levels, etc.

Spare Parts​

  • Visual identification of spare parts with interactive 2D drawings and 3D models
  • Display of linked spare part bill of materials with all key information
  • Navigation through the product’s assembly structure

Use Cases​

1. Fault resolution & repair (unscheduled) 

Has the machine stopped or is it displaying an error message that needs to be resolved urgently? In the case of unscheduled service work, Quanos InfoTwin provides support through the quick provision of relevant and situation-specific information.

2. Maintenance (scheduled)

Is it nearly time for the annual maintenance check, when you want to ensure an efficient service visit? Quanos InfoTwin provides you with everything that you need to know. 

3. Retrofit & modification

Are you looking to modernize your existing plant and enhance it with digital components? Quanos InfoTwin guides you through the retrofit process.

Here’s how Quanos InfoTwin can help you

  • Which product or asset or which component is affected?
  • Which spare part and which tool is required, and where exactly?
  • How will the service engineer receive the right spare part? And when?
  • How will the faulty part be removed and the spare part be fitted? Which tools and accessories will be needed to do this?
  • Which repair and adaptation measures need to be executed and how? 
  • How does calibration, trial, and recommissioning work?

Quanos Cloud

Quanos InfoTwin as a cloud service

Service promise

  • 99.5% uptime
  • Specified response times

Quality hosting

  • GDPR-compliant hosting in Germany
  • Redundant high security data center
  • Connection to various Internet backbones
  • Cutting-edge network infrastructure
  • Firewall with DDoS protection
  • Mirrored data secured via backups
  • ISO-certified hosting in accordance with ISO 27001

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