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The Fusion of AI and Content Delivery

Last year, artificial intelligence reached a level of maturity where it was ready to use. Together with content delivery,…

[Translate to Englisch:] Quanos InfoTwin Service Activities  

Interactive Instructions for more Efficiency in Technical Services

Quanos InfoTwin offers users a digital service assistant via the “Service Activities” function set, which ensures reliabl…


Service Order Management & Sales: Synergy in Mechanical Engineering

In the dynamic environment of mechanical engineering, seamless collaboration between service order management and sales e…


The Five Key Trends in Aftersales Customer Service in 2024

Trends do not follow any chronological order. Nevertheless, the start of the new year is a good opportunity for aftersale…


Unlocking Potentials: 7 Steps to Enhance Efficiency in After-Sales

Your situation may well be the same as that currently affecting many companies: The organization of service teams is beco…


Five Steps for Setting Up Your Company's Information Platform

Digitalization is the defining factor in most companies' strategies. But surprisingly enough, many overlook an aspect tha…


We're launching the future. With Connected Content Delivery in Quanos InfoTwin.

Content delivery is already a familiar term in many technical writing departments. Many companies are now successfully us…

The Single Source of Truth at Bühler  

The Single Source of Truth at Bühler

Bühler goes back a long way – to 1860 to be precise, the year the company was founded in Uzwil in Switzerland. Today, Büh…

Content Delivery with Quanos InfoCube  

Content Delivery with Quanos InfoCube

Product information in one central location, either internally or externally – it has long been the aim of many technical…

Content Delivery to Get Faster – Thanks to Quanos Content Solutions  

Content Delivery to Get Faster – Thanks to Quanos Content Solutions

Be honest… Are you delivering content yet? Universities are teaching courses about it, it regularly comes up at the tekom…