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variant management

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Generate target formats
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1. Professional content management system

Technical writers face challenging tasks on a daily basis that can only really be overcome efficiently by well-designed professional tools.

The information model and user interface of SCHEMA ST4 has therefore been developed to offer maximum functionality and flexibility, whilst focusing on what’s really important.

Support from creation to publication

  • Separation of content, structure, and layout for full control and flexibility
  • Layout design using interactive tools instead of code
  • Easy processing of change requests in individual publications
  • Publication in third-party systems or central information portals

2. Efficient variant management

Variants can result in quite a lot of redundant content that is either similar, or even almost identical, which, in updates, would all have to be amended individually. In SCHEMA ST4, you only need to create this type of content once - precisely in the form and size you require.

You then reference this modular content in your variants and as soon as the original is changed, the change is applied to all the variants as well.

Variants, but smart - with SCHEMA ST4

  • Collate variants from modular content using drag & drop
  • Filter a maximal document with all variants
  • Automatic variant generation using metadata
  • Generate variants at the touch of a button in the required target format

ST4 Web Author

ST4 is venturing into the web and our ST4 Web Author makes one thing abundantly clear: we are taking the CCMS one step further. Experience a completely new UX, an integrated editor and, of course, all the advantages of a web application.

Discover ST4 Web Author

3. Save translation costs

With translation-oriented writing, your technical writers can save you a lot of money on translations. SCHEMA ST4 helps your entire team to create consistent content and the translation status provides a convenient overview of all your content.

With this overview and translation-oriented wording of your content, you can save unnecessary translations and avoid creating content that doesn’t actually need to be created or translated.

Cost-efficient translations

  • Easy import and export of content for translation
  • Overview of content provided by current translation status
  • Author support, which proposes previously used wording and terminology during text creation
  • Standardized translation interface based on COTI

4. Generate target formats at the touch of a button

PDF, Word, HTML, or perhaps you prefer to provide content via an information portal? With SCHEMA ST4, you can produce the required target format at the touch of a button. Whatever the target format, you only create the required layouts once in SCHEMA ST4, which you then use when producing content. This means that you also only have to make changes once in one place; these changes are then copied for all future productions.

Target formats made easy

  • Create layouts just once to use them for any content for publication
  • Professional tool for easy processing of change requests in individual publications
  • Publication in third-party systems or central information portals poses no problem

SCHEMA ST4 in 25 minutes

Do you have a little time? Our expert Christoph Kaemena will be happy to introduce you to SCHEMA ST4 in detail in this video.

You'll learn why the separation of content, structure, and layout is such a great advantage for technical writing and also in SCHEMA ST4, and you'll see the steps you go through from creation to publication in SCHEMA ST4.

SCHEMA ST4 is flexible

We can of course implement any individual requirements that you identify as relevant in your processes or interfaces with third-party systems of other technical writing teams. All you have to do is ask! We can also boost SCHEMA ST4 and provide specific functions, if required. The following options are available:.


Quanos InfoTwin is an SaaS offering for technical documentation (content delivery) and service/aftersales activities that allows you to distribute large amounts of product-related information from SCHEMA ST4 and other online and offline sources, giving your users the opportunity to find the right information in a matter of seconds. This increases quality and customer satisfaction whilst reducing your service costs. With Quanos InfoTwin you can turn your technical documentation into digital added value!

Learn more about Quanos InfoTwin

Create documentation at any time and from anywhere and still be really easy to use? Welcome to ST4 Web Author, the future of the CCMS!

Discover ST4 Web Author

All the benefits and full functionality of ST4 - but in the cloud. And in combination with ST4 Web Author. A great combination!

Discover ST4 Cloud

Want some metadata right from the platter? No problem with ST4 AI Jetpack! You provide the artificial intelligence with content, and in return you receive the relevant suggestions. The result? Faster allocation of metadata!

Discover ST4 AI Jetpack

Sustainable optimization of ST4 with minimal effort? Exactly! With our ST4 Smart Extensions, we offer you specific solutions - from automation to completely new, intelligent functions. This puts your technical writing department in the fast lane with SCHEMA ST4.

Discover ST4 Smart Extensions

Standardize and automate recurring tasks. Configure it straight in SCHEMA ST4 and your automation solution is ready to go! Whether you are creating automatic nodes, uploading data from the PLM system, or starting production in a number of variants - in ST4, you simply implement your own automation requirements.

More about Automation

Even the standard version of SCHEMA ST4 allows so much to be achieved. For particularly individual requirements, we can modify your SCHEMA ST4 to suit your particular needs, or we can support you in creating layouts, workflows, and much more.

More infos about solutions

Moving images without additional software? Yes, in SCHEMA ST4 you can bring movement to your callout graphics with Callout in Motion. This makes animated step-by-step instructions super easy and your documentation much more vivid.

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Happy Customers about us

Weinig Grecon GmbH & Co
„We are very pleased that SCHEMA ST4 is running on the web. Switching to ST4 in the cloud was the ideal step for us not only to advance the WEINIG Group's digitization strategy in technical writing as well, but also to bundle resources and optimize group-wide communication. The editorial processes could be harmonized across all locations.“

Weinig Grecon GmbH & Co Dr. Rainer Vollmer | Chief Information Officer

Bizerba SE & Co. KG
„Thanks to the high level of functionality combined with user-friendliness, we master all challenges of our everyday work with SCHEMA ST4. Projects with Quanos are consistently professional, and the collaboration with the project manager is always constructive. Quanos handles and solves questions and requests in no time at all.“

Bizerba SE & Co. KG Markus Strittmatter | Global Information Technology

Agilent Technologies
„For us it is a strategic advantage to be able to count on direct communication and to know that the partner understands one's needs and will implement them.“

Agilent Technologies Thomas Richwien | Program Manager

„We chose SCHEMA ST4 because most of our BSH requirements are included in the ST4 standard.“

BSH Saskia Miller, Christina Steidle | Technical Writers

PILZ GmbH & Co. KG
„Above all SCHEMA ST4 makes our routine work easier so that the editorial department can focus on its actual tasks.“

PILZ GmbH & Co. KG Sabine Gernhard | Team Leader Technical Documentation

„The employees of the Quanos Solution department I was in contact with were very competent and always work in a solution-oriented manner. Fitting requests are usually implemented promptly and to a high standard of quality. Interpersonal communication is always very pleasant and uncomplicated, people appreciate each other and meet as equals.“

adcubum Sven Schmitt | Documentation Lead

Bühler Group
„Our requirements for interfaces and migration, for example, are taken up by Quanos in an uncomplicated and timely manner. Throughout, I had personal and open contact with professionals from the business - technical writers and project managers who understand what I need. New requirements could be implemented without updates or interruption of the operative business due to the professional support of Quanos.“

Bühler Group Daniel Ott | Digital Product Information Lead

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