Our Sales Team is Here For You

Jörg Drache
„At Quanos, you'll find committed people working on what I think is the most comprehensive technical documentation software on the market. Our many satisfied customers are a testament to that. The daily contact with customers is one of the things I enjoy most about my job and I like working on their specific issues too.“

Jörg Drache Quanos | Sales

Rolf Keller
„I’ve put my heart and soul – and not to mention more than 15 years of my professional life – into SCHEMA ST4. The product impressed me from the very start and ultimately it's what sparked my career in the technical communication industry. When potential customers are just as excited about the advantages of SCHEMA ST4 as I am, it gives me the same thrill that it did back then. I’d be happy to answer all your questions.“

Rolf Keller Quanos | Sales

Petra Dutz
„Satisfied customers who feel they are in good hands with me and have been given competent advice are what drive me. It's important to me that my contacts tell me that our products are helping them and that ultimately their purchase really paid off. If you have any questions, please get in touch.“

Petra Dutz Quanos | Sales

Claudia Blaschke
„I'm really passionate about sales at Quanos. We find solutions for our customers and interested parties that make their day-to-day work a lot easier. The best thing for me is when someone is just as enthusiastic and impressed by SCHEMA ST4 as I am. If you want, I can take a look at the specific challenges you're facing too. Don't hesitate to contact me!“

Claudia Blaschke Quanos | Sales

What actually happens when you contact us?

Are SCHEMA ST4 and Quanos InfoCube even worth it for your technical writing team? Is your team set up for this? Do you need a custom solution or will existing tools do the trick in your case? Contact us to speak with real experts who can answer all the questions that pop up in your search for answers. Our focus is always on you and your concerns.


Getting in Touch

You can reach our team in a few different ways, be it via social media, on our website, or directly by e-mail or telephone. How you get in touch is up to you and, most importantly, the first step is of course yours to take. Once you've done this, there will be an initial telephone meeting lasting around 30 minutes.

The Presentation

Based on this initial exchange and the content you've provided, we'll create a product presentation that will be tailored to your company and your particular case. This presentation can be delivered either online or at your premises. Within just a few hours, you can pose questions, ask about specific requirements and functions, and speak directly to our experts.

Trying it Out

Next up on the agenda are our Active Days. Take a hands-on approach and click your way through our professional software. One of our trainers will introduce you to our solution’s most important functions and operations so that you can click through to your heart's content.

What Are You Waiting For?

You've gotten to know our team and are now aware of what you can expect when you get in touch. Why wait any longer? The next step is up to you.


Arrange a meeting

From Introductions to Software Usage

Our software solutions for technical writing and aftersales: create, manage, publish, and distribute product information with ease. We'll help you find out which software you should use and when, and whether it would be worth it for you.

See for yourself! It all starts with an initial interview.

1. Interview & Check-Up

Want to find out once and for all whether a content management system such as SCHEMA ST4 is an option for your company and what it might look like? In their conversation with you, our consultant will outline the framework conditions, any existing problem areas, and requested solutions..

30-minute video call

  • Requirements
  • Problems
  • Consultation on added-value options
  • Estimation of potential costs and benefits
  • Free basic consultation

2. Showcase & Presentation

We'll look through the sample documents you provided. A selection of your test documents will be mapped and presented in SCHEMA ST4 and we'll go through the software options for you by way of example..


ST4 Showcase
1/2-day at your premises

  • Evaluation of your sample data
  • Vision development
  • Presentation and demonstration
  • Free basic demonstration

3. Training and testing

Our consultant will guide you through the basics of operation, help you through the initial steps, and give you a test version to use as you wish. You can test ST4 for four weeks and immerse yourself in the software functions.


ST4 Active Day
1 day of training on site in Nuremberg or remote

  • Training, transfer of basic knowledge
  • Access to the ST4 test server
  • No need to install anything
  • Independent usage, practice
  • Course for trial (fee applicable)
  • Four-week test phase