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The Single Source of Truth at Bühler   New

The Single Source of Truth at Bühler

Bühler goes back a long way – to 1860 to be precise, the year the company was founded in Uzwil in Switzerland. Today, Bühler is a dynamic and innovative company that can be found on three continents and in more than 140 countries. Bühler is market leader in many sectors and sets standards with its process solutions in food technology, as it does with its pressure diecasting components for automotive manufacturing. A dynamic enterprise with sustainability close to its heart. A company that has learned to master complexity and use digitalization to make its manufacturing and production processes more transparent.


How to Write “Single Source”

OK, so you obviously know perfectly well how to write “single source”. However, what many people aren't aware of is that …


Artificial Intelligence in Technical Documentation, Part 2

Artificial intelligence is already widespread in technical documentation these days. In this interview with Fabienne Lang…


Say Goodbye to 1001 Sources - Single Source in Technical Documentation

Single source is a buzz-phrase that we hear time and time again in technical writing. Its meaning seems pretty obvious at…

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