Connect field service management software with spare parts catalog and increase first time fix rate

Published: 2022-03-11 Updated: 2022-11-15
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Field service managers want to offer their customers the best service. In doing so, they must be measured against the first time fix rate. An interface between field service management software and a digital spare parts catalog increases the rate and thus customer satisfaction.

Important field service tools in after-sales service

Technical service has become an important source of revenue for many machine, plant, equipment and vehicle manufacturers. The challenges for service technicians in this area are correspondingly great. These include scarce resources, high time pressure and the demand to solve problems during the first service call if possible.

These challenges can be overcome with modern software for service technicians:

  • Field service management software increases the efficiency of field service staff. Such software for service calls, such as that offered by Innosoft, facilitates the planning, execution and documentation of service calls in the field.
  • A second important field service tool is the digital spare parts catalog. Service technicians can use it to find the information they need in the field more quickly and order the right spare part with pinpoint accuracy.

Combining the advantages of field service management software and spare parts catalogs

To maximize service efficiency, it is advisable to integrate both systems into an all-in-one solution. In this way, field service managers increase the transparency and efficiency of the service calls they plan and exploit important optimization potential in field service.

Once the systems are connected, the service technician in the field can access the parts catalog from the service report with a single click. There, he can quickly identify the spare parts he needs and, if desired, obtain additional information. He can order the parts on site and transfer the order directly to his service report.

3 reasons why integration increases the first time fix rate

Service technicians in the field are problem solvers. Their goal: to help customers as quickly as possible. An important key figure here is the first time fix rate, i.e. the number of service calls in which the problem was solved at the very first appointment.

The higher the rate, the more satisfied customers are and the more efficient the after-sales service. There are three reasons why an interface between field service management software and digital spare parts catalogs is essential for increasing the troubleshooting rate:

1. Unrestricted access to information

By linking the two systems into a networked software for service calls, service technicians have access to a wealth of information in digital form, for example:

  • Activities already performed
  • Best practices
  • Repair and maintenance manuals
  • Installation location
  • Parts lists
  • Supplementary information on spare parts

They get quick and easy access to the latest data and service information they need to perform their job efficiently. This speeds up their work and shortens downtimes.

2. quick identification of the right spare parts

Common causes of low troubleshooting rates are missing spare parts and inefficiently scheduled calls. The interface between Field Service Management and a digital spare parts catalog addresses these causes.

With the Field Service Management software, responsible dispatchers can better plan their workflows. And with an interactive spare parts catalog, service technicians can find the right spare parts faster - practical experience shows that incorrect orders can be reduced by 20% in this way.

3. time savings in all service workflows

Tedious searches for information and unproductive waiting times on the service hotline are a thing of the past with the combination of field service and spare parts catalog.

Access to the necessary information regardless of time and place and the reduced error rate when ordering spare parts are the basic prerequisites for efficient service. They automatically increase the first-time fix rate. The better service technicians know about the problem in advance, the faster they can find a solution.

Concrete added value for field service management

In summary, an interface between field service management software and an interactive spare parts catalog in field service offers four key benefits:

  1. Overview of relevant information for service technicians - without changing systems and losing time for faster processing of service calls
  2. Increase in the number of service calls - more calls with the same number of service technicians despite a shortage of skilled personnel
  3. Increasing the first time fix rate - pinpoint identification of required spare parts for faster troubleshooting, often on the first call-out
  4. Strengthening customer loyalty - higher customer satisfaction thanks to fast, efficient service

Greater efficiency and more satisfied customers

Learn the levers for a higher first time fix rate.

Our fact sheet shows how an all-in-one solution consisting of field service management software and a service information system increases your efficiency in after-sales-service.

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