Digitization: Man, Machine and Process in Change

Published: 2018-01-24 Updated: 2023-11-20
Subject: Digital Information Twin Networking service information Trends Increase efficiency in service

Digitization will continue to be the most important trend theme in the new year 2018, and companies are asking themselves what effects digitization will have on all areas of production - people, machines, processes, technology and maintenance. Networked, autonomously controlled plants and machines as well as technologies such as augmented reality, 3D-printing and real-time-based analysis tools are reality in everyday business. It is now up to the human factor, which must allow cultural change, and initiate and support change processes.

Thematic diversity 2018

In 2018, as in 2017, digitisation is taking off. Companies are often confronted with the following topics in relation to maintenance work priorities:

  • How to extend maintenance cycles and reduce maintenance costs through Risked Based Inspection?
  • Plant optimisation und data analytics
  • Maintenance – the key to resource efficiency and the engine for innovation
  • Use of mobile, drones, intelligent maintenance and inspection
  • Predictive Maintenance

All these topics can only be implemented with the support of suitable systems. For an optimal workflow, all data should converge in one software. The maintenance engineer gets a quick and informative overview of the status of the machine or plant, adapted to his workflow. By linking other systems in the after-sales service, such as a spare parts catalog, the maintenance engineer is able to efficiently carry out planned or required maintenance based on the operating data without major hurdles in planned steps.

We support you

Our service information system helps you implement your digitization projects in the areas of maintenance, technical service and support. Your after-sales service will be optimized, processes accelerated and knowledge transferred through the use of an interactive spare parts catalog.

What's the use?

Let the success figures of our customers convice you:

  • 367% improved effectiveness: Increase your catalog production by 367%.
  • 40% lower costs: Reduce your costs for the production of spare parts catalogs by 40%.
  • 30% less time spent: Reduce your sales time by 30%.
  • 20% less incorrect orders: Reduce the number of incorrect orders by about 20% by using a service information system.

Our Success Stories

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