Electronic Schematics within a Spare Parts Catalog

Published: 2018-09-28 Updated: 2023-11-20
Subject: Product news Tools and technology

Service technicians of the industrial sectors mechanic, electric, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic need the information of electro and other schematics in order to process orders in the fields of service, maintenance and spare parts management. The challenge for most companies is the integration of their schematics in one system where the service technician can find all relevant information.

Integration and Benefits for Service, Maintenance and Spare Parts Management

The Solution: Connection to your ECAD-System

PARTS-PUBLISHER enables the comprehensive integration of electrical and other schematics in the spare parts catalogue with the enhancement package Schematics. 

  • With the integration of schematics the PARTS-PUBLISHER spare parts catalogue turns into an "all-round information and ordering system" for your service technicians.
  • All information required for efficient navigation in the electrical documentation is used for the direct data transfer from the ECAD system to the catalogue system without any intermediate formats and logic losses.
  • Effective troubleshooting, signal tracking, spare parts research and ordering are conveniently and professionally supported in all areas - mechanics, electrics, pneumatics and hydraulics.

For the fully automated transfer of electrical projects from the ECAD system to the PARTS-PUBLISHER catalogue system standard interfaces were developed with the ECAD manufacturers, which work as a plug-in in the respective ECAD system.

Supported systems: EPLAN P8, ELCAD, AUCOPLAN, E3.series, Engineering Base and lots more.

Your Benefits: Decreased Process Time per Work Order by Multiplexed Information

The time effort of the work process will decrease with the use of a navigation over schematics and a connection with construction drawings in the spare parts catalogue.
In addition work processes can be performed considerably faster e.g. during repair or maintenance and error rates can be decreased, in cases of customer service, maintenance and spare parts management.


Clear benefits for you:

  • Use schematics directly in customer service or maintenance - Your E-CAD data can be directly integrated in a service portal or spare parts catalogue. 
  • Automatic connection of schematics and spare parts - E-CAD data can be directly linked with other information without intermediate step. Information like mechanic spare parts or maintenance instructions.
  • Navigating, searching - Find every installation point no matter how you proceed e.g. via search criteria, drawing directory or device tag.
  • Media-neutral, individual and safe - Publication of schematics is possible in all media. You decide of the distribution and access to your information - every time!