This Is How You Benefit From the Integration of Electronic Schematics

Published: 2021-02-19 Updated: 2023-11-16
Subject: Identifying spare parts Ordering spare parts Tools and technology

Plant manufacturer's work depends on the mechanical and electronical systems of their plants to function properly in order to avoid downtime and the associated plant shutdowns. Malfunctions cannot always be clearly traced back to mechanical problems or considered isolated. Therefore, it is necessary that mechanics, electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics go hand in hand also in the service area.

In order to keep complex machines and systems running on a daily basis, service technicians must have a holistic and comprehensive view on machines, including mechanical parts and electronic equipment. The simple solution for this is our Extension Schematic.

What are the benefits of integrating electronic schematics and fluid plans into your service information system?

  • Effective operation in the All-In-One information and ordering system:
    If parts are the same, mechanics and circuit diagrams are automatically linked. One click takes you from the parts catalog to the schematic and back. In addition to parts lists and components, you receive information on existing circuit and fluid diagrams. The all-in-one system eliminates the need to switch between different stand-alone systems. This saves time for service technicians and money for machine manufacturers. In addition to spare parts and components, you can also order operating resources quickly and easily without having to jump to the catalog. Use the display in different contexts and views to identify connection points, effectively detect errors and simplify signal tracking.
  • Quick and simple integration of your schematics:
    The fundamental systemic requirements are usually already met. Your existing system for electronic circuit diagrams and fluid plans is integrated into our service information system with little effort. In just a few steps, the fully comprehensive all-in-one system will be available to you.
  • No need to get accustomed due to familiar view, design and functionality:
    The structure and logic of your electronic circuit diagram is retained and mapped exactly as it is in the service information system.There is no need to get used to the system, which increases the acceptance of the service information system by your service technicians.
  • Standard interfaces:
    We support the integration of different types of modules and have interfaces to EPLAN (EPLAN), E3.series (Zuken) und Engineering Base / ELCAD (Aucotec). Fluid circuit diagrams are integrated via the EPLAN module Fluid. Do you already use our service information system? If so, integration via the standard interfaces can be done quickly and easily at any time.
  • Additional information and navigation:
    Using interactive hotspots, you can jump directly to relevant devices and navigate between the individual sheets. After selecting a device, useful additional information is displayed.
  • Finding instead of searching:
    Find operating resources quickly and easily using their explicit operating resource identifiers via the practical search function. 

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