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Published: 2019-08-29 Updated: 2022-06-08
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Whether plant or mechanical engineering, vehicle construction, component or equipment manufacturing, the spare parts business became strategically more and more important within the last years. Spare parts are a major revenue driver in service for companies with business in plant and mechanical engineering. That’s why it is not a surprise, that electronic spare parts catalogues and web shops are ranked in the Top 5 of IT-investment projects of mechanical engineering.

Disburden the support, increase service quality!

Manufacturers track with a huge interest, how the market meets their requirements to offer customers, service technicians or dealers fast support and simplify the purchase order processing. For this reason, electronic spare parts catalogues with web shop connections are applied increasingly.


Better identification relieves service hotline:

20 % less incorrect orders – 30% less telephone calls

The interactive service information system of Quanos Service Solutions has a user-friendly navigation and enables a visual representation of the assemblies and spare parts. Simple usability and visualisation enables an easy identification of needed parts. A European constructor of utility vehicles was able to record a decrease of 20 % of incorrect orders, by using the catalogue software. The achieved relief of service and order hotline increased the company’s service quality noticeably.

Parallel to the dropping number of incorrect orders a decline of 30% of order hotline calls were detected. The conclusion of the constructor: There are less enquiries as a result of clearer and up-to-date information.


20% less time expenditure for order processing

Because of the availability of an interactive catalogue system, spare parts are easier to identify and faster to find. At the same time, a simplified and faster process for spare parts orders, accelerated delivery and prevention of incorrect orders is provided. In addition, the catalogue is available 24/7, that strengthens the customer relationship and stimulates the turnover. A known vehicle constructor reduced the time expenditure for order processing by 20%, with the help of PARTS-PUBLISHER.

It is quite simple: easy identification – fast delivery – correct order

Follow this simple rule, too.


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