Perfect Solution for Serial Producers: Simplified Access to Catalog

Published: 2021-10-13 Updated: 2023-11-13

You are a serial manufacturer and have a product portfolio consisting of large series? Your products come in different variants that are frequently built and sold? Do you want to make sure that your customers or service technicians can quickly find the right spare parts catalog for a particular product series and don't accidentally use the wrong catalog? Then our simplified access to the spare parts catalog with the "Extended Navigation" module is exactly what you need!

Which features does the Extended Navigation module offer?

1) Search using the graphically prepared product category

An example: You are a manufacturer of kitchen appliances in a wide range of variants. Now one of your customers needs a spare part for a slicer. To help your customer quickly find the right spare parts catalog, he can choose the optical search method: Using an upstream tile view, your customer navigates from the higher-level product family to the corresponding product group to the right product. By clicking on the corresponding product, your customer is taken directly to the spare parts catalog for the slicer he is using and can identify the spare part he needs. 

Catalog creators have complete flexibility in dividing up the individual categories. It is thus possible to insert logical intermediate levels, which greatly simplify navigation for the end customer or service technician.

It becomes even more descriptive if you use corresponding images in addition to the product categories. 

2) Search by serial number or material number:  

Alternatively, your customer can choose to access the catalog by serial number: By entering the serial number of the slicer in the upstream search field in the service information system, your customer is taken directly to the correct spare parts catalog and can select the required spare part. It couldn't be easier or faster. 

What are the advantages of the Extended Navigation module?

  • Very good search performance: The Extended Navigation is structured in such a way that the search delivers the right hits in the shortest possible time. 
  • Reach the goal faster: Users of your spare parts catalog will reach the right place within the catalog even faster. They no longer have to navigate through the hierarchical tree structure of the spare parts catalog, which can be tedious, and they need less knowledge about the structure of the machine. 
  • Reduction of incorrect orders: Thanks to the search based on the serial number or via the product family in the tile view, your customers and service technicians do not accidentally end up in the catalog of the wrong product series. Incorrect orders are thus reduced. 
  • High satisfaction: For catalog users, the enhanced navigation is intuitively understandable and easy to use. This leads to a high level of satisfaction.