What is Possible with SCHEMA ST4?

Published: 2021-05-04 Updated: 2022-08-23
Subject: CCMS

Anyone involved in the introduction of a CMS will be asking themselves the same questions: “Can it meet my needs? What precisely are the kind of publications the system can create? Is it suitable for the needs of my specific business and field of work?” Let’s take a closer look at all the things that SCHEMA ST4 can do.

What is Possible with SCHEMA ST4?


The core requirement of any technical writing department is to put together instructions for the company’s products. But instructions can mean many different things here. On top of the typical instructions for the end customer or user, many of our customers need servicing instructions, maintenance instructions, quick-start documents, package inserts, and much more.

SCHEMA ST4 customers produce many different types of instructions for a multitude of sectors, with some extremely diverse requirements. In addition to instructions for the company’s products, SCHEMA ST4 offers as standard a range of mechanisms for making supplier documentation available to end customers.

Data Sheets

Most companies manage product data in PIM systems. However, in most cases, additional information from the instructions to turn data records into data sheets is missing. These two types of information (product data and instructional content) are often transferred manually into an InDesign template in what is a time-consuming and error-prone process.

With SCHEMA ST4, data records can be imported from PIM with ease and combined with existing content from the instructions. As a result, CMS can produce data sheets automatically – without any additional authoring interventions. Automation ensures a uniform layout. And, most of the time, there is no need to translate the data sheet because the content is already available in the system in its language variants.

Product Catalogs

SCHEMA ST4 can also create product catalogs. These documents can sometimes be very wide-ranging in scope if the product range comprises many different variants and modules. Here too, SCHEMA ST4 helps our customers to meet complex requirements, make sure that all information is up to date, and ensure that translation costs do not get out of hand.

Online, Mobile, Interactive

Instructions, catalogs, data sheets – if that all sounds too analog in this age of digitalization, then SCHEMA ST4 will be perfect for you; all the publications that our customers create using SCHEMA ST4 can also be converted to digital formats: an interactive PDF, a knowledge portal with a powerful search engine, or a mobile app with a database connection. There are no limits to what you can create: SCHEMA ST4 has the perfect route to publication for your structured content.

Examples of our customers:

BOSCH Security Systems – Catalogs, data sheets and installation instructions

BSH – Digital instruction manual for built-in oven

Miele – User manuals, flyers, brochures