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  • Tools and technology (8)
  • Product news (16)
  • Networking service information (5)
  • Identifying spare parts (5)
  • Increase efficiency in service (9)
  • 3D spare parts catalog (4)
  • Creating spare parts catalogs (2)
  • Digital Information Twin (1)
  • Ordering spare parts (1)
  • Selling spare parts (1)
  • E-commerce (2)
  • Trends (2)
  • AI technology (2)
  • Documentation (1)

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Benefits of an Interactive Spare Parts Catalog within Workforce Management

Not only service technicians know this situation: A customers machine stands still and fast support is needed. However, t…


New Standard Interface Implemented at Mosca

An innovative project with Mosca shows the potentials of close cooperation between specialists who are aided by intellige…


International Partnership with Digital Printing & Solutions Co.

Following a meeting at TID’s headquarters in Stegen am Ammersee of TID Informatik GmbH (TID) and Japanese Digital Printin…


Electronic Schematics within a Spare Parts Catalog

Service technicians of the industrial sectors mechanic, electric, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic need the informatio…


XVL Web3D Publisher Based on WebGL

From now on, what was previously only achievable via plug-ins, is now possible without time-consuming installations: The …


Intelligent Search with CATALOGcreator®

The new module CATALOGcreator® AI Search lays the foundation for a “Single Point of (Service) Information” system and thu…


CATALOGcreator® Upgrade Integrates Privacy Policy

In order to respond to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have extended our standard shipment of CATAL…


Why SVG contour highlighting optimises your spare parts identification

Do you use SVG graphics and the spare parts catalogue software PARTS-PUBLISHER? Congratulations! Now you can identify and…