Control processes in a targeted manner

You likely also work with SCHEMA ST4 in your technical writing department in accordance with defined steps and entire workflows. Before instructions can be supplied, content is subject to a review and release procedure, for example. A translation is only initiated if the content is ready in the input language.

Tasks easily taken care of with SCHEMA ST4

Automation in SCHEMA ST4 provides you with the option to automate these steps in SCHEMA ST4. The content management system takes care of the processes itself, according to your specifications. In this way, you ensure that all necessary tasks are completed reliably - all of this can be done in the planned timeframe and by the right people, or even without human support.

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Automate complex workflows

Reduce inefficient manual work

Intelligent content, intelligent information products, quality-driven production processes: the manual actions required for these seem to multiply of their own accord. Automation is the ideal solution here to keep the increasing number and complexity of tasks easily manageable for your technical writing team. You can significantly reduce tedious and quality-critical click-controlled procedures by linking automatic actions, 

e.g. when assigning taxonomies or through the automatic production and distribution of documents according to their release status.


Ultimately, you have the option to delegate all tasks that an automated procedure can do better and faster to ST4. You don’t just ensure better quality and efficiency, you also create breathing space for your team to focus on the really important tasks.

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Automatisierung Schritt für Schritt

Automation solves authoring problems

Terminology check

In a hurry, but document changes and terminology issues crop up just before publication? An automated check ensures you can avoid this situation.

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Translation management

From nodes to the final translation, several steps are necessary, which are individual for each technical writing department. Perhaps you already have the viewlets and buttons in mind? But what if SCHEMA ST4 were to take care of all that?

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All the advantages at a glance

If we were to list all the advantages that automation features have in store for you, we would never reach the end. However, we have summarised the most important ones for you.

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What’s the catch?

In order to make SCHEMA ST4 as accessible and as user friendly as possible for our customers, it is virtually impossible for us to implement all the different tasks and steps in a standardised way. With automation for SCHEMA ST4, you can easily take care of this yourself. Repetitive tasks are now a thing of the past.