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Tracking: How do users use your spare parts catalog?

FACT SHEET | Do you already identify potential optimizations? Learn how to get sound information about user behavior and the acce…


Create, Publish, and Update Spare Parts Catalogs Yourself with Ease

How efficient and productive is your catalog creation process? Improve the quality of your spare parts and service information - …


Checklist: Optimizing the Information Flow in the Service Segment

Would you like to optimize your day-to-day service operations? Enhance the productivity of your service technicians, improve the …


Networking with Quanos InfoTwin

Is your information in aftersales & service already intelligently networked? Break down data silos and create real added value in…


Using Service and Spare Parts Data in Other Systems

Turn your spare parts catalog into a data hub for other software systems! Put an end to data silos and build “real” portals witho…


Simplified Access to the Spare Parts Catalog

Do your catalog users get to the right machine-specific catalog quickly? Give users individual, target-group-specific access to t…


Capability "Service Activites“

Does your service technician know at any time about the next step of his work? With Quanos InfoTwin, you can organize service cal…


GÉNIE for InfoTwin

You do not yet have your own online shop and want a quick and easy way to tap into e-commerce? Create a seamless connection betwe…


Get the Most Out of Your Data

FACT SHEET | How efficient is the preparation and cleaning of your output data? Improve the quality of your data and ensure effic…


Capability "Spare Parts“

With Quanos InfoTwin, you and your customers have access to all the information and spare parts you need to keep your assets runn…

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Third-party Suppliers vs. OEM: Outperforming the Competition in Spare Parts Sales

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