5 Convincing Arguments for Your Boss to Use Digital Spare Parts Catalogs

Published: 2020-01-14 Updated: 2023-03-24
Subject: Creating spare parts catalogs Identifying spare parts Increase efficiency in service

Would you soon like to take advantage of all the benefits of modern spare parts catalogs for your service team? Then we have the necessary facts and figures that will also convince your management.

In two of our blog posts, you learned about the challenges that aftersales in mechanical engineering will face in the next few years and how spare parts catalogs help to overcome them. 

In a nutshell: A digital spare parts catalog not only takes work off your hands. The tool also reduces the workload of your service technicians. In addition, your company's customers have an important incentive to keep using your organization's services and products. 

Do you want to put your service on the fast track with modern spare parts catalogs? Then we have five arguments that will convince your management of the benefits of spare parts catalog software

Argument 1: Quick return on investment

One question that service managers are asked before introducing new tools is how much it will cost. Particularly important is: When does the investment pay off? With digital spare parts catalogs, your company benefits from a quick return on investment (ROI). 

Here are the facts: 

  • The catalog system used to create the catalogs is easy to use and quickly ready for use.  
  • Up-to-date catalogs with user-defined data can be produced "on demand" at the push of a button.  
  • Automated catalog creation increases your team's productivity and thus your company's sales. 

Do you need concrete figures? For one electronics manufacturer, the catalog system produced a 40% cost savings compared to creating traditional catalogs. And a manufacturer of construction and specialty machinery increased catalog production by 367% and now produces spare parts catalogs in a matter of hours, not weeks. 


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Argument 2: Easy entry into digitization

Does digitization give your management a stomachache? With a digital spare parts catalog, you take the first big step toward the future. It forms the basis for Internet catalogs, service portals and new business models.  

For example, a digital spare parts catalog enables automated data checks and thus improves your company's data quality - an important prerequisite for expanding your service offering. In addition, the information on your spare parts is always up-to-date and is also seamlessly available to other departments. 

Argument 3: Satisfied employees

A digital spare parts catalog offers high usability. Navigation works intuitively and is supported by the visualization of assemblies and spare parts. Identifying required parts is therefore so easy that incorrect orders can be reduced by 20% on average.  

Making it easier for service technicians and customers to find what they're looking for also results in an average 30% reduction in calls to the company's ordering hotline.  

Reduced hotline workload gives your team more time to finally focus on essential tasks again. This noticeably increases the satisfaction of service employees and strengthens the loyalty of skilled employees to their company. 


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Argument 4: Processing orders 20 % more efficiently

Modern catalog software offers interfaces to existing tools and data in your company. This means that it can also be linked to enterprise resource planning. As a result, ordering the parts needed is quick and easy.  

Since a spare parts catalog reduces incorrect orders thanks to convenient search functions and further information, there is typically a time saving of 20% in order processing. Moreover, your customers can order parts 24/7. This not only increases your company's sales, but also customer loyalty. 

Argument 5: No risk

Digital spare parts catalogs are created quickly, available everywhere and a real relief when it comes to identifying and searching for spare parts. They boost sales and increase satisfaction among your customers and employees. 

If your management is still unsure whether a digital spare parts catalog is right for your company, we finally have an unbeatable argument: You don't have to buy a pig in a poke - instead, you can take your time and check out the advantages of digital spare parts catalogs without obligation. 


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