Content Delivery with Quanos InfoCube

Published: 2021-11-09 Updated: 2023-02-27
Subject: Smart Information Content Delivery

Product information in one central location, either internally or externally – it has long been the aim of many technical writing teams, but often associated with large projects. Is there a shortcut to be found here? Yes! And it comes in the form of content delivery as a SaaS offering in the cloud. Read this article to find out how our new Quanos InfoCube has helped us to achieve this aim and why it could speed up your content delivery project.

Content Delivery with Quanos InfoCube

Don’t Search for Information, Find it

Sooner or later, the users of your products – ultimately your customers – will be looking for information about said products. They will be in search of information about their structure, operation, maintenance, repair, and much more. And, of course, they tend to want to find this information themselves. To do this, customers will speak with other people who use your product, consult manuals, or search online for solutions. So, what’s the problem? In doing this, users could encounter a range of stumbling blocks such as obsolete content or excessive numbers of manuals for larger machines or systems. Or a quick Google search when operating the machine could result in information that is not optimized for the mobile device and may even be obsolete. There is certainly some hidden potential here because speeding up this process could minimize the time your customers spend looking for the right information.

All the Product Information in One Place

Nine out of ten customers would use an online knowledge database if it were available and tailored to their requirements (Zendesk).

Be it documentation or service information, Quanos InfoCube enables you to make your content available in one place online. This does present some advantages over conventional documentation distribution as a printed document or PDF file: your content can be accessed at all times, is always as up to date as your CMS, and can always be found in the same place. With Quanos InfoCube, you can help your customers to help themselves, wherever they are and whatever mobile device they are using. The more your customers can do to help themselves, the happier they will be. If, on top of this, content is up to date and customers can quickly find exactly what they are looking for, many of their needs will be met.

Speed Thanks to the Cloud

Quanos InfoCube is a SaaS application in the cloud that enables exactly that. Installation has already been completed – InfoCube can be accessed online – and updates are continuous and automatic. So, you can just go ahead and get started with Quanos InfoCube as soon as access is available. Linking to SCHEMA ST4 also saves a lot of time and involves copying a code to the corresponding place in Quanos InfoCube. But, SCHEMA ST4 is not a requirement for using Quanos InfoCube. Content can also be made available from other sources or uploaded manually.

See for Yourself

Have we piqued your interest? Then take a look at Quanos InfoCube for yourself and watch our recording of a previous webinar on the topic.