Are you Interested in Launching an Electronic Spare Parts Catalog?

Published: 2017-12-05 Updated: 2023-11-20
Subject: Tools and technology Creating spare parts catalogs Selling spare parts Identifying spare parts Ordering spare parts

For companies in the plant and mechanical engineering sectors, spare parts continue to be the most important sales driver in service. It is therefore not surprising that electronic spare parts catalogues and web shops are among the top 5 IT investment projects in the mechanical engineering sector.

Spare Parts - the most important Revenue Driver in Service

The need to offer fast support to customers, service technicians or trade partners and to optimise order processing is being pursued with ever greater interest by manufacturers. Electronic spare parts catalogs with links to web shops are being used more and more frequently for help and support.  


Their challenges are:

  • Spare parts and service information is located in different places and in diverse systems.
  • Staff expertise is not available at all times
  • Permanent distribution and updating is extremely time-consuming
  • Often manual data maintenance, connection to ERP or PDM not consistent
  • Spare parts identification is time-consuming and tedious
  • High effort required to identify and use correct information
  • Optimised spare parts logistics is very difficult

With our solutions you achieve:

  • Spare parts and service information are bundled in one system
  • All data is available and retrievable at any time
  • Identification within seconds 
  • Automated data synchronisation with one or many back-end systems (e.g. with ERP/PDM and e-commerce)
  • Production of all after-sales and customer service catalog media from one data pool
  • Improved quality and timeliness of spare parts and service documentation
  • Accelerated processing of spare parts orders
  • Noticeable relief of service and order hotlines

Our Solution: Benefit using an Electronic Spare Parts Catalog and a Webshop


Find spare parts and service documentation. Fast. Simple. Accurate.

  • Always find the right information - with short search times when looking for spare parts, wear parts, accessories and service information.
  • Optimised provision of spare parts, service and product information through uniform user interface
  • Easy navigation, visual identification relieves your service and ordering hotline: for higher service quality
  • Required service and spare parts information available to you and your customers at any time and any place (24/7)
  • Expand your spare parts business with the Internet sales channel
  • Optimise the ordering process, e.g. by displaying prices and availability centrally and live

Increase production efficiency and shorten time-to-market

  • Shorten production times for your spare parts catalog creation: you receive "catalogues on demand" and thus save costs
  • Minimal effort for catalogue production, data updates and catalog updates
  • Cross media publishing / single source catalog production: production of all catalogue media (print, CD, internet, mobile devices) from one data pool
  • Simple operation - configuration without programming knowledge
  • Improved quality and topicality of spare parts and service documentation/information
  • Catalogues in all required languages

More acceptance by the user

  • User-friendly and clear catalogs with complete and up-to-date spare parts and service information
  • Defined access and targeted access to spare parts catalogs and information for service staff, dealers or customers
  • Device-, machine-, system- or customer-specific catalogs at the click of a mouse

Better selling

  • Accelerated processing of spare parts orders - simple, fast, accurate, around the clock
  • Fewer queries due to clear, up-to-date information: Relief for service and ordering hotlines
  • Shorter downtimes of defective devices, machines or systems
  • Spare parts orders are simplified, delivery is accelerated and incorrect orders are avoided, for more customer loyalty and turnover.

Added value - efficient service

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved dealer loyalty
  • Increase in spare parts sales
  • Better and more effective service due to better information
  • Optimised workflow in spare parts management