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Passing of the Baton at Quanos Content Solutions GmbH

Marcus Kesseler, founder of the company formerly known as SCHEMA GmbH, to join the advisory board

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Nuremberg, November 25, 2021 – After 26 years, Marcus Kesseler, founder and Managing Director of Quanos Content Solutions GmbH (formerly SCHEMA GmbH), will no longer be carrying out operational activities and will instead join the advisory board of Quanos Solutions. Rafi Boudjakdjian will take over his position as Managing Director for development at the end of the year.

Marcus Kesseler founded SCHEMA GmbH in 1995 with two partners. The company developed software and quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of professional software solutions for the technical documentation industry. In 2018, Kesseler and his co-founder, Stefan Freisler, entered into a partnership with financial investor IK Partners to accelerate growth, expand sales and product development, and drive forward the cultivation of new markets.

Not long afterwards, the Quanos Group was founded, uniting under one roof SCHEMA GmbH – now known as Quanos Content Solutions – and the two medium-sized manufacturers of software for interactive spare parts catalogs and service information systems, TID Informatik GmbH and Docware GmbH – now known as Quanos Service Solutions – as wholly owned subsidiaries. These acquisitions highlighted the company's new direction: to improve tapping into the potential for smart product information.


Handing over to Rafi Boudjakdjian

After 26 years as a Managing Director of SCHEMA and then Quanos Content Solutions, Marcus Kesseler is now ceasing his operational activities. “As an entrepreneur I'm very grateful for the trust our customers have put in us over many years. As a Managing Director, I've also treasured the motivation, joy, and commitment of our employees every day. I'm proud of what we've achieved and also a little melancholy to be stepping back after so many successful years,” stated Marcus Kesseler. However, as a member of the advisory board of Quanos Solutions, he will continue to be involved in the company's destiny.

Rafi Boudjakdjian, the current CTO and Managing Director at Quanos Service Solutions GmbH, will take over the position of Technical Managing Director and CTO of Quanos Content Solutions GmbH at the end of the year. In this dual role he will play a greater part in developing a joint product portfolio for the two sister companies. Nobuyoshi Shimada, who took on joint responsibility as Managing Director of Quanos Content Solutions in May 2019, will retain his role as Commercial Managing Director.

“I'm really looking forward to the challenge ahead in a strong team with good processes and amazing products,” said Rafi Boudjakdjian. “I'd also like to thank Marcus Kesseler for the excellent handover. My main objective is to continue his life's work as he intended it, continue to increase the contribution of SCHEMA ST4 as a central tool for technical documentation, and strengthen the market position of Quanos with a joint product portfolio.“