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TID and Docware: Strong Together in The Future!

Docware GmbH and TID Informatik GmbH are well known specialists for electronic spare parts catalogues and service information systems. Both companies are subsidiaries of the SCHEMA Group and will operate as a unified company in the future.

Docware enters into the SCHEMA Group

SCHEMA Group, a developer of software solutions for content lifecycle management (Component Content Management System SCHEMA ST4 and Content Delivery Solution SCHEMA CDS), is completing a full takeover of Docware GmbH with effect from 20 January 2020. The service information system manufacturer is the latest addition to the SCHEMA Group’s portfolio of companies. SCHEMA Group had already reinforced their position in this area back in May 2019, by increasing its stake in TID Informatik from 27% to 100%. With the acquisition of Docware GmbH, the SCHEMA Group is now even stronger in this sector. In addition, the SCHEMA Group develops software solutions for generating and maintaining ‘Technical Information’, which, in combination with ‘Service Information’, is seen as the basis for smart content integration into Industry 4.0 and the Internet-of-Things.

“The decision to integrate Docware into the SCHEMA Group not only resolves succession issues, it also provides excellent future prospects for our customers and our employees,” enthuses Werner Hofmeister, founder and Managing Director of Docware GmbH. “Under the umbrella of the SCHEMA Group, Docware – together with TID Informatik – is strengthening its presence on the market, which is not only more attractive for decision-makers, but also means customers have a broader product portfolio to choose from. I am sure that this merger will help us to generate huge growth potential for the future.”

TID and Docware merge within the SCHEMA Group

On January 20, 2020, Docware GmbH became a subsidiary of the SCHEMA Group, which also owns TID Informatik since 2019. The two software specialists for electronic spare parts catalogues and service information systems will be united under the same roof thus forming a legal entity from now on. The fusion of the two companies ensures a significantly stronger market presence. This is not only more attractive for decision makers, but also creates a broader product portfolio for customers.

A shared product portfolio: "Best of" solution for our customers

Interested customers and clients already benefit from the merger, because the software solutions CATALOGcreator® and PARTS-PUBLISHER are similar in their core functions, but have different focuses in the particular product development at the same time.
In future, all developments will be available to TID and Docware customers across the companies. "From now on, customers will get the "best of" solution from the two products for their individual requirements," is how Robert Schäfer explains the new product strategy.

Robert Schäfer and Werner Hofmeister: New management of Docware

In order to accelerate the integration process from the group to a common corporate identity, Robert Schäfer, managing director of TID Informatik, will become another managing director at Docware. Together with the founder of Docware - Werner Hofmeister - he will form the new management of Docware. The two of them are preparing the merger and will accompany the process in a leading role.

Succession plan at Docware solved

Within the SCHEMA Group and with the merger of Docware and TID Werner Hofmeister sees an excellent and sustainable perspective for the company he founded.
"I am convinced that this merger will generate great growth potential for the future.” The union of the two companies will employ over 120 people at three locations.

Two market players become one team

"Even though we have been market companions so far, there are still many things we have in common. Additionally we respect each other's achievements. As company founders, both Werner Hofmeister and I are very concerned to offer our customers and employees long-term security and the greatest possible development potential for product innovations. Therefore merging Docware and TID into one team is the right step," says Robert Schäfer happily.

Strong together!

Both companies look back on a history of over 25 years. During this time, they have successfully established themselves in the market - with attractive growth in sales and an increasing number of employees. There are already about 700 customers with some 100,000 users who trust in the competence of both companies.