Searching for spare parts: Scattered information is highly inefficient

Searching for spare parts takes ever longer as the complexity of machines increases

Mistakes made when identifying parts reduce the productivity of technicians and support teams

Information about machines spread out over several systems slows technicians down

Without a ‘single source of truth’, service technicians are forced to work with out-of-date or incorrect data

Missing information about machines that were purchased via third parties makes identification difficult

Identification of parts requires expert knowledge, which service technicians have to laboriously gather in some cases

Confusion about parts prompts unnecessary queries to the manufacturer and the service hotline

Limited access to information about spare parts when on the go costs service technicians time

Problems identifying spare parts put processes and customer satisfaction in jeopardy

Find the right spare parts digitally

A digital spare parts catalog puts an end to laborious searches for the right part and improves identification of spare parts.

Digital spare parts catalogs bring your entire spare parts eco system from the world of paper into the digital world.

Instead of having to pore over paper catalogs, service technicians and maintenance staff can simply look at their smartphone, laptop, or tablet. There they will find a central source of information, where

  • all the relevant data about machines and their parts can be found
  • a variety of search options makes identifying spare parts easier
  • spare parts and associated graphics are linked to systems, such as an ERP system, and are therefore always up to date

Reduce incorrect orders by 20%

With a digital spare parts catalog, suppliers of spare parts are able to reduce incorrect orders due to misidentification by 20% on average.

Further benefits

The use of digital spare parts catalogs

... reduces the time service tech­ni­cians spend searching for spare parts

... relieves the strain on the manufacturer’s support hotline

... gives customers a positive aftersales experience

Identify spare parts with digital support: This is how it’s done

If you want to save your service staff and your customers’ technicians time when searching for spare parts, then Quanos is the key.

Quanos software helps you to create spare parts catalogs and service information systems with ease. The end result is a central system for identifying spare parts.

The key facts about Quanos

  • The software links all service-relevant data and makes it available in a consolidated form via a user-friendly interface.
  • The information system for aftersales and service is available around the clock for your technicians and customers.
  • It means you make identifying spare parts more efficient and prevent downtime and stoppages for your customers. 

Find out everything you need to know about Quanos

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How does Quanos help you identify spare parts?

To find the right spare part for repair and maintenance, intelligent search options and central information are a must.


Quanos offers all this and more.

Service technicians and maintenance staff can identify spare parts in a matter of seconds and move directly on to the next task.

Quanos has a range of features to help you:


Central spare parts data

... which are maintained and provided in a single system – so there’s no need to log into different systems or call the service hotline

Spare parts catalogs

User-friendly, clear spare parts catalogs – where service technicians can find complete and clearly structured spare parts and service information 24/7

Bidirectional linking

Bidirectional linking of 2D and 3D illustrations, graphics, and photos of parts with parts lists entries – helps make identification easier

Identifying spare parts finally got easier thanks to a range of search options. Technicians can decide which method to use.

The following are available:

Visual identification

Visual identification via 2D and 3D representation of machines, assemblies, and spare parts in the form of photos or illustrations. The advantage of 3D models is that it’s easy to compare them to reality by tilting and turning individual parts.

Structural navigation

Structural navigation via the structure tree, which corresponds to the structure of the machine – the logical and structural representation makes identification easier.

Text search

A text search of the entire catalog content or in specific sections, documents, and circuit diagrams.

Hotspots on graphics which clearly highlight item numbers or entire contours also facilitate identification.

Integration of additional information such as

Technical documentation

Circuit diagrams 

Hydraulic diagrams 

Training videos 

and the links to specific spare parts provide service technicians with all the information they need for their service work at a glance.


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Save yourself and your customers valuable time and resources when identifying the right service information. Find out how your users can get answers to their spare parts queries more quickly and the role that the Quanos spare parts catalog system plays.

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Create a central location for spare parts information

Benefit from increased efficiency and cost savings for you and your customers.

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