Knowhow and Speed

Success factors in aftersales service

Keeping machines, systems, and equipment permanently operational and available is one of the most important tasks of maintenance and service technicians. Quick action and in-depth knowledge are often required to rectify a malfunction and get the machine up and running again.

The problem:

Complex machines and different sources of information make work more difficult

However, with increasingly complex machines and different sources of information, this is often a challenge. Products have become so complex that it is almost impossible to know all the machines and equipment.

Information on spare parts as well as the corresponding technical documentation for the individual machines and equipment are often available in different systems with varying quality and detail. To find the information they need, service technicians must know where to look and according to what criteria (e.g. keyword search in system A, inventory number in system B, part number in system C).

Internationally operating companies also face the challenge of ensuring consistent service quality all over the world. This is not always easy if there is no subsidiary in far-away countries.

This problem can be solved

Service 4.0 with digital, connected information

If the knowledge is not (any longer) in the heads of the employees, manufacturers of machines and plants need a system that makes this knowledge available centrally and intelligently.

This is where Digital Service 4.0 comes into play - in other words, the digitalization and intelligent networking of as much service-relevant information as possible and the provision of this information in a central, easy-to-use system.

The solution:

Create an intelligent, networked service information system

How would it be

  • if your service technicians all over the world had access to all service-relevant information of your machines and plants in ONE system
  • if the information was intelligently linked to each other
  • if your technicians didn't have to know the right term to search for it
  • and if your catalog creators could even automatically link PDF files and supplier documents with the relevant spare parts information - without any manual effort at all?

This is where Quanos can help.

Quanos is an all-in-one system that gives you a 360° service view of your machinery and equipment.

All service-relevant information is digitally stored in a central system and intelligently linked with each other:

  • 2D or 3D spare parts catalogs
  • parts lists, customer-specific prices
  • availabilities
  • technical documentation
  • circuit diagrams
  • pneumatic diagrams
  • repair instructions
  • supplier documents and much more.

What can Quanos do?

All information - anytime, anywhere!

Quanos brings together all relevant information from your source systems as well as empirical values and makes them available to users 24/7 via a user-friendly interface.

Quanos networks all service-relevant information in an intelligent way - without any manual effort.

Quanos uses AI technologies to automatically link service information, even if the individual data does not contain metadata.

Quanos ensures that your service technicians, customers and support staff can easily find the right spare part through visual and text search and order it directly online.

Quanos integrates electrical circuit diagrams and fluid plans and links them with the mechanical information.

Quanos even digitizes supplier documents, old documents and PDF files and automatically links the relevant sections directly to the articles in the digital spare parts cataloge.

Quanos makes it possible to jump back and forth between the individual areas of the service information system (e.g. from the spare part directly to the relevant area within the technical documentation and back again).

Quanos offers extensive search functionality within the service information system based on established AI technologies. In addition, our service information system allows a semantic search that understands the meaning of a search query, recognises synonyms and delivers the correct results even in the case of incorrect entries.

Your benefits of intelligently connected information at a glance:

All-in-one service
information system


Employees and customers can access the technical documentation, certificates, explanatory videos and more directly at the component.

Reduction of
Incorrect orders


Thanks to the simplified, smart spare part identification, time-consuming incorrect orders are a thing of the past.

Reduced effort
for your service hotline


Service technicians and customers can search for the right information themselves and are no longer dependent on your staff.

Increase in the
First-Time Fix Rate


All information is available to your service technicians 24/7. This transparency ensures more efficiency and shortens processing times during service calls.

Increase in
Customer satisfaction


A competent and fast service ensures the reduction of repeat errors and reduces queries, which leads to faster processing of service calls.

Licence costs


Your employees only need ONE system to find all relevant information. The effort for catalog creation is greatly reduced.

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Use cases

Fast resolution
of malfunctions

Identification of the
correct spare part

Ordering a required
wear part

Carrying out
routine maintenance

What are the results?


20 %

fewer incorrect

30 %

fewer calls
on the order hotline

20 %

less time spent
on order processing

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What our customers say

„With the integration of electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams in our spare parts catalogues, we provide an 'all-round information and ordering system' that supports our customers in all areas of spare parts research and ordering in a professional manner.“

IMA Dirk Münze | Technical Documentation

„Today, representatives can search through the online catalog themselves, thus eradicating 60% of the original support required for spare parts, as inquiries are no longer forwarded to our Customer Service team. Those savings allow us to offset our investment […] easily, and with 40 customer service representatives and a turnover of 132 million euros we have made back our investment in two years.“

EREMA Christoph Krump Manager | Spare Parts Business

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Intelligently link schematics with service information

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