From electronic spare parts catalogs and service information systems to the Digital Information Twin

You are a manufacturer of long-lasting industrial goods in the areas of machine, plant, equipment or vehicle construction and would like to

  • offer your customers the best possible service
  • increase your aftersales revenue
  • improve the productivity of your aftersales staff 
  • reduce incorrect orders
  • and increase the satisfaction of your customers?

Or are you an operator of these machines, systems, vehicles or devices and depend on fast and correct spare parts identification and ordering as well as easy access to the corresponding service documentation?

Then an intelligent, digital spare parts catalog and service information system is the right solution for you!

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What is the difference?

Electronic spare parts catalogs, service information system, Digital Information Twin

In recent years, the requirements and thus the capabilities and use cases of these software solutions have evolved significantly. Jump to the individual topics and learn more about the differences.

Electronic Spare
Parts Catalog

Increased spare parts sales

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information system 

Strategic advantages in aftersales

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Information Twin

For smart information

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Electronic spare parts catalog

Increased spare parts sales

An electronic spare parts catalog brings together pieces of information that belong together: Parts lists, 2D and 3D graphics of your components, and supplementary information on the individual parts. For this purpose, data is imported from source systems such as the ERP system, CAD system or other leading systems, linked and published from a central source in various media (online, offline, CD, print).

The catalog creation process is done manually to fully automatically with our spare parts catalog software solution Quanos

Create catalogs easily

Learn how to get your professional spare parts catalog in 4 steps with our service information system.

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Publish spare parts catalogs quickly and easily

Save valuable resources and time in publishing and distributing catalogs.

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Spare parts identification and ordering made easy

Our spare parts catalog software solution Quanos offer extensive textual and visual search options. These and the linking of 2D and 3D graphics with the hierarchical parts lists for the individual machines and systems make identifying the right spare parts a child's play.

Spare parts orders can be placed directly via the electronic spare parts catalog using the integrated shopping cart function or by connecting it to your ERP system. This eliminates the need for service hotline support, as your customers can access the catalog on their own.

Spare parts identification

Learn how your users can find the right service information directly and how you can save valuable resources and time with our service information system.

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Sell spare parts

You want to increase your spare parts sales? Sell your spare parts in no time with our practical service information system. 

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Service information system

Strategic advantages in aftersales

If further information, such as technical documentation, schematics, repair instructions, hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams, training videos or other files in any file format are integrated into your spare parts catalog with our Quanos software solution, a fully-fledged service information system is created.


Single Point of Service Information

The information is intelligently linked and processed. This gives you a central information tool for customers, dealers, service technicians, maintenance staff and internal departments such as support and aftersales service - with no need for these departments to access your source systems (such as ERP systems, CAD systems, PLM systems, ECAD systems, etc.).

All information at a glance

Thanks to the user management in our software solution Quanos the access rights - and thus the depth of information - of the individual user groups can be individually regulated via a detailed role concept. This ensures, for example, that customers only have access to their products with the customer-specific price lists or that your service department receives considerably more information.

This gives your employees, customers and dealers a 360° service view of your technical products and access to the information they need at any time.

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Digital Information Twin

Looking into the future

A Digital Information Twin (DIT) is the future of integrated information management for digitally networked people, devices, machines and systems. The Digital Information Twin is a digital twin of your machines and systems that synchronizes all your service-relevant information in one platform and generates knowledge from this data.

The knowledge is converted into concrete recommendations for action that are displayed proactively.

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Digital Information Twin

The most important questions and answers about digital twins and the future of your product data.

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Looking for New Business Models?

If machine and plant manufacturers want to remain competitive, they must develop new business models. 

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