What is the B2B spare parts shop extension?

The powerful extension integrates an online shop with a connection to the ERP system into your online spare parts catalog.

You obtain maximum flexibility when mapping simple or complex ordering processes. The ordering process can be defined individually by you. User management enables you to define individual rights for each user and to specify which catalog content, products, or documents are to be displayed to the respective user.


And what does the B2B spare parts shop extension look like?

The integrated B2B webshop in Quanos SIS.one makes it easy to make enquiries and/or place orders online 24/7. Users get an overview of prices, availability and delivery time anytime and anywhere. 

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Key facts at a glance

What is the B2B spare parts shop extension?

  • User management enables you to define individual rights for each user and to specify which catalog content, products, or documents are to be displayed to the respective user.
  • Users of your spare parts catalog create enquiries and/or orders.
  • Order history now gives your customers the option to place repeat orders easily and efficiently at any time.
  • Integration of the B2B online shop into your ERP system, for example to display (customer-specific) prices, availabilities, and delivery times, is possible at any time. 


More information in the Fact Sheet

Download our Fact Sheet and learn more about the functions and benefits of the B2B spare parts shop extension from Quanos SIS.one.

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What advantages does the B2B online shop extension have to offer?

Increase in
spare part sales

The practical and easy-to-use solution ensures greater customer satisfaction and gives your spare parts business a boost.

Reduction in work required for your ordering hotline

Your customers can order all the required parts themselves and no longer depend on the support of your employees.

Cost savings due to
fewer incorrect orders

Language barriers or typos when transferring orders are avoided.


Fast, cost-effective
order processing

The high effort of the manual orde­ring pro­cess is elimi­nated. The pro­ces­sing time is greatly reduced and you can deliver faster.

Increase in
service quality

Your service staff can con­cen­trate on other acti­vi­ties, such as con­sul­ta­tions and cross- and up­selling measures.

Increase in
customer satisfaction

With a modern web shop, you meet the expec­ta­tions of your cus­tomers and en­sure more satis­faction and loyalty.

Thats what our customers say

Schlatter Industries AG
„For the spare parts business, a modern online ordering system means easy ordering and thus an increase in spare parts sales.“

Schlatter Industries AG Christian Kloeti | Head of Spare Parts Sales

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