Spare parts catalog with additional added value for service technicians and customers

About Fronius

Started as a simple one-man business in 1945, Fronius has become an integral part of industry today. In the past three quarters of a century, as a family company, they developed from a regional specialist repair shop to a global player. The beginning of their history is marked by the company's founder Günter Fronius, who earns his living with maintenance work. Then the idea that gets everything rolling: the trained electrical engineer manufactures a device with which car batteries can be recharged and thus used longer. It is the starting signal for Fronius.


Spare parts catalog with additional added value for service technicians and customers

Product and serial number related information is extremely valuable to internal and external catalog users. Fronius International GmbH, a global company in the fields of welding technology, photovoltaics and battery charging technology, knows that too.

Robert Nebenführ, Project Manager - Spareparts Catalog, explains how Fronius has succeeded in increasing its after-sales sales and optimizing service processes by introducing an innovative spare parts catalog.

A saving of € 27,000 per year by reducing printing costs is just one of the concrete facts and figures that Robert Nebenführ mentions in his lecture.

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