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Worldwide, the Nordex Group is among the leading providers of wind energy systems. Having started as a pioneer in the wind energy trade, the „Nordex” brand has now become a worldwide concern.  This manufacturer of wind energy systems has regional representations and factories in Europe, Asia and the USA and employs more than 2,600 employees. Its services cover the whole value chain – right down from project planning to turnkey wind power stations and services.  Nordex´s product portfolio includes multi-megawatt installations for on- and offshore operations. Globally, approximately 4,500 Nordex machines are operational with an overall power output of more than 6,600 MW.

 Nordex line production


Service is rapidly becoming important on this ever-increasing wind energy market. Nordex, in an attempt to meet these challenges properly, decided to introduce an electronic spare parts catalog.

Because of the enormous product variety, automatic catalog creation has high priority.  The catalogs offer various entry levels, e.g. by using wind energy system references, serial and batch identification numbers or installation types.  Nordex´s priority lies with completeness of catalog data as well as user-friendliness and search speed functions.

Future plans involve continuous extensions of functions, the integration of wiring diagrams and the introduction of 3D-catalogs.

„During the tender stages, cooperation with TID Informatik GmbH was highly professional. For instance, they offered complex Nordex-tailored software in a relatively uncomplicated manner. In the end, we were also convinced by its value for money principle.”

Michael Dorn, Project manager, Nordex SE 

Nordex SE

„During the tender stages, cooperation with TID Informatik GmbH was highly professional. [...]“

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