H. Stoll is working significantly more efficiently thanks to SCHEMA ST4

About H. Stoll

Founded in 1873, H. Stoll GmbH & Co. KG in Reutlingen develops and produces flat knitting machines and patterning software for the creation of knitted textiles and is represented in over 70 countries by affiliates, subsidiaries, sales and service centers, and agencies. The Stoll product suite is comprised of four classes of flat knitting machines with an integrated modular concept, as well as pattern preparation systems. The midsize enterprise H. Stoll pays close attention to ergonomic usage, integration possibilities and compatibility between machines, as well as unified integration with pattern preparation systems. Documentation of the product program and its range of applications are important parts of H. Stoll’s customer service. 

More variants at comparable resource expenditure

Preliminary work prior to introducing SCHEMA ST4 was kept to a minimum; terminology management already existed, and existing data was gradually modularized and integrated into the new system. Right before the switchover, employees were given extensive startup training and thus optimally prepared. The advantages of the new system were easily apparent. The new editing system ensures more efficient processes by enabling the team to work on additional product variants with the same amount of resources. The modular translation management makes it possible for documents to be transferred to their respective target languages more cost effectively. Since documentation is created in as many as 20 languages, this factor cannot be overestimated.

“SCHEMA ST4 helps us continue to expand our publishing work,” comments chief editor Gregor Heß.


„SCHEMA ST4 helps us continue to expand our publishing work.“

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