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... uses the new enterprise licence and thus optimises the worldwide service

With the version 5.2 of the spare parts catalog software CATALOGcreator® Sunrise Medical uses a significantly improved usability for the end customer of the web-catalog and is the first company who takes the advantages of highest flexibility for their own documentation creation by the enterprise-license.

Sunrise Medical, a leading vendor in the medical technology branch, is one of the first international companies, using the version 5.2 of the spare parts catalog software CATALOGcreator® and takes the advantages in competition on the international market. With this program electronic product- and spare parts catalogs can be generated simply from a central database and published in the different media directly.


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With the new version of the standard software, that focuses above all the operator convenience for the end customer, is already worked since the 4th of July at Sunrise Medical at the North American location. Until the end of September the European locations of Sunrise Medical should be updated to the latest program version. The TID Informatik GmbH is responsible for the professional support of the complete project.

The objective of the Sunrise project in North America was at least the complete realignment of the whole business process for creation and servicing of the spare parts documentation. This was realized easily with the version 5.2 of the software CATALOGcreator®, that was integrated completely and without problems in the already existing as well as in the new set up processes. Furthermore the integration of the electronic spare parts catalog into the existing E-Commerce-Portal of Sunrise Medical is succeeded without problems. The user is now able to access the spare parts catalog with his existing login access data and is able to order the needed parts online.

Simultaneously with the update the conversion from the Oracle database to Microsoft SQL-Server is realized, to simplify future service work and to reach a significant performance increase.

The users of the web catalog of Sunrise Medical profit in many ways from the program update. Not only the performance for the catalog export could be improved significantly, but the many user-friendly features guarantee a much better overview in the catalog. The novelties are for example the possibility to focus single parts selectively or the potion to show previews in a separate window. A color graduated navigation bar eases additionally the orientation. The spare parts to be searched can be identified much quicker.
For the first time the enterprise license for the software CATALOGcreator® is used at Sunrise Medical. For the new license model, available from version 5.2, only one hardlock on a central license server is necessary. An unlimited number of authorized employees of the company are allowed to access the workbench of the spare parts catalog software directly, no matter where the company location is.

„The transition from several single licenses to the enterprise license was an important step for us, forming an unified and global spare parts management. It allows much more flexibility in the daily work, simplifies service and positions us well prepared for all future challenges.“

Lutz Rüffer, European eMarketing Manager, Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical

„[...] In the end the global cooperation leads to considerable synergy effects in the workflow and the lasting reduction of running costs.“



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