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.. optimizes service for fleet management with SCHEMA ST4 and CATALOGcreator®

In future Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik GmbH & Co. KG uses the XML-based editing and content management system of SCHEMA to produce its paperless documents. These form an integral element of the fleet management system with which the Kiel-based locomotive construction company offers its customers excellent service and optimum vehicle support. Additional user-friendliness of the fleet management system is provided by a direct link of the documentation with the spare parts catalog. If a future service or inspection is due, Voith Turbo customers have direct acces to the catalog through the electronic service book produced by SCHEMA ST4 and can place their order. Linking the CATALOGcreator® of TID Informatik to SCHEMA ST4 makes this possible.

The Kiel-based locomotive construction company which, amongst others, builds the world's strongest hydraulic diesel engines provides its customers on delivery of the carriages with a complete SAP-based fleet management system. This includes, apart from vehicle master data, reporting. The engine file and maintenance management, amongst others, also paperless documents as well as the spare parts catalog. As such Voith’s customers receive a central platform for continuous support of the vehicle fleet. In this way, weak spots can quickly be identified and related measures can be initiated to reduce technical failures and improve availability, reliability and safety of the vehicles.

Up to component level descriptive documentation is directly linked with the spare parts catalog.


Simplified document creation

Voith Turbo’s paperless documentation includes, amongst others, the engine driver’s and maintenance manual, system description as well as checklists and circuit diagrams. In future, any operational and diagnostic data, instructions, user,-warning- and safety notes will be centrally produced, kept up to date and managed in SCHEMA ST4. In order to enable continuous data management each component’s part number from the SAP system will be directly listed in SCHEMA ST4 under the number assigned to it in the spare parts catalog.
The information elements contained in SCHEMA ST4 can then be re-used at random for additional documentation projects. Future minor changes with regard to a new maintenance or service can be created and compiled very quickly.

Additional aspects of the application include graphics and translation management. An important central part is also played by version management which allows tracking of the various operational phases and updating of texts.


Spare parts catalogue


Optimized maintanance

In future, the electronic maintenance manual and spare parts catalog created using the catalog software CATALOGcreator® from TID Informatik GmbH  will be closely linked to keep service intervals as short as possible. In this way the user can get quicker access to the required information in the manual without having to switch between the various applications.
The spare parts catalog can be accessed straight from the electronic manual and a required component can be ordered immediately using a shopping basket function. On the other hand individual building groups in the spare parts catalog are also directly linked with the related pages of the manual. Searching for the correct spare part in a separate application as well as switching between manuals and catalogs is being avoided. It also reduces the danger of mix-ups because the correct spare part is automatically requested.

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