Intelligently Provide PDFs, Old Documents, and Supplier Documentation

Published: 2021-10-06 Updated: 2023-11-15
Subject: Product news Tools and technology

Linking service information in a smart way and making it available to users: This is the goal of creators of spare parts catalogs and service information systems. A challenge often exists with PDF files, old documents, or supplier documentation, which are difficult to digitize and make searchable. We have the solution!

You want to provide all relevant information for a product - such as a specific spare part - in one single place. This way, the service technician, maintenance engineer, service manager, support staff or customer can find all information on the spare part at a glance, as well as notes on installation, warnings, video instructions, the relevant part in the circuit diagram and much more. So how do you achieve this goal as efficiently as possible? With our smart extension "AI Search"!


How does the "AI Search" module support you as a catalog creator?   

With our smart module "AI Search", you can link all service information contextually and make it intelligently searchable - all fully automated based on AI technologies and special language processing methods.  

All you have to do is upload the service information. You can even use extensive PDF files, legacy documents, or supplier documentation and make them available in a modularized, precisely tailored way. AI Search intelligently links the relevant sections of the documentation with the respective article from the spare parts catalog - even if no metadata is available for the individual data sets. 

What are your benefits?

The advantages of automated, smart networking of service information using AI Search for you as a catalog creator are:

  • avoid the hassle of adding metadata to individual records
  • no manually linking of articles and documentation any more
  • a higher level of information in your spare parts catalog or service information system


This is how you can easily turn your spare parts catalog into an intelligent, networked service information system! 

With our smart extension "AI Search" you take your service to the next level and pave the way to Digital Service 4.0. You create a smart service information system and thus an AI-based service platform that digitally unites all important information for your service technicians, after sales managers, support staff, customers, and dealers, intelligently links it and makes it easily accessible.