What is the Documentation extension for Quanos SIS.one?

Integrate your entire technical documentation into your digital spare parts catalog with the Documentation extension.

Bidirectionally link individual components with the relevant sections from repair, maintenance, or operating instructions, and create an intelligent information basis for service engineers, maintenance staff, and customers: a service information system.  


And what does the Documentation extension look like?

Whether operating, maintenance or repair instructions: thanks to intelligent links, you can find all the information you need in one place. It goes without saying that our software, and thus also the Documentation extension, is designed in particular for the needs of your technicians in the field and can be used on any mobile device.

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Key facts at a glance

The Documentation extension enables:

  • Integration of documents and files in any desired format​
  • Storage and maintenance of technical documentation (tree structure)​
  • Provision of operation, maintenance, and repair instructions as well as supplier documentation, animations, software downloads, or checklists, etc., as an addition to the spare parts catalog
  • Intelligent linking of technical documentation with parts lists, assemblies, and other data (documents, files)
  • Bidirectional linking of spare parts catalogs with documents
  • Integrated PDF viewer​
  • Full-text search for PDF, XML, HTML, and RTF
  • Editing metadata of the documents 

What benefits does the Documentation extension have to offer?

All information
at a glance

Your service engineers, support staff, main­te­nance staff, and custo­mers receive access to the rele­vant sec­tions of the tech­nical docu­men­ta­tion as well as certi­ficates, supplier docu­men­ta­tion, ex­plana­tory videos, or ani­mations di­rectly at the compo­nent.

first-time-fix rate

Transparent infor­mation - that is avail­able to your service engi­neers around the clock - in­crea­ses effi­ciency and redu­ces pro­ces­sing times for reso­lu­tions, repairs, or main­tenance. This helps your service tech­nicians to avoid errors, and in­crea­ses the first-time-fix rate.


Your documentation can be up­dated at any time with the parts catalog – online, offline, and on mobile devices. This ensures that your tech­ni­cians always use the la­test version of the tech­nical docu­men­tation.



More information in our fact sheet

Grow your spare parts catalog into a service information system and create added value for internal and external users.

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Thats what our customers say

„[…] has much more to offer than a conventional spare parts catalog. We use the software to access a wide range of information from a single, centralized platform: Operation and management instructions, supplier documentation, maintenance and assembly instructions, and the material used can all be accessed easily using the parts search. This service portal represents significant added value for the user and has received a great deal of praise both internally and externally.“

KORSCH Ingo Klaer | Head of Development

See for yourself

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