What is the Knowledge Manager extension for Quanos SIS.one?

The Knowledge Manager module enables professional management, global distribution, and effective exchange of service feedback. In this way, you can ensure that your service technicians in field sales, dealers, or other users of your spare parts catalog can document their feedback straight away and transfer it to the spare parts catalog creator. 

Error messages, suggestions for improvement or even advice from experienced technicians are thus available directly in the software to any other user who, for example, is currently working on a system or machine.


And what does the Knowledge Manager extension look like?

Every spare part included in the spare parts catalogue has a special note area where every user can manually enter information. Of course, our software and thus also the Knowledge Manager extension are designed especially for the needs of your technicians in the field and can be used on any mobile device.

Key facts at a glance

Examples of such feedback could be:

  • Error messages 
  • Repair reports
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Information on conversions or construction status changes 
  • Application experiences
  • Other information on individual components or assemblies. 

Knowledge Manager allows you to: 

  1. Store, manage, and share knowledge centrally  

  2. Build a knowledge database 

  3. Provide feedback and notes with the option to attach additional documents (e.g., repair report as a PDF, screenshot as a JPG)  

  4. Efficiently document the current construction status (as-maintained) directly at the component 

  5. Quickly correct errors in the spare parts catalog 


More information in the fact sheet

Would you like to learn more about the Knowledge Manager module? Then download our fact sheet now.

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What benefits does the Knowledge Manager module have to offer?

service quality

ONE system with consolidated customer service knowledge for secure know-how transfer. Information is available where it is needed.

Information is always
correct and up-to-date

Feedback is obtained and used straight away: Errors are quickly corrected, the current construction status is documented directly at the component.

customer satisfaction 

The reduction in repeat errors and queries ensures faster processing of service calls and therefore leads to an increased customer satisfaction.

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