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Digitalizing Your Agricultural Machinery Service

Practical Guide | Advantages of digital spare parts catalogs for manufacturers and operators – with best practices and checklist …

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Digital Spare Parts Catalogs Put to the Ultimate Test

eBook | How do they address current challenges? Key functions for use by plant and machinery manufacturers. …

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PRODUCT BROCHURE | Learn how Quanos supports you in digitizing your service and maintenance processes…

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Smart Information in Service

WHITEPAPER | The idea behind after-sales service has changed! How Can You Shift from Product to Service? …

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Increased Revenue by Replacing 2D with 3D Data

BROCHURE | Make the most of your 3D data every time - from design to aftersales. …

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Digital Spare Parts Catalog: Why Service Professionals Need It

EBOOK | Interactive spare parts catalog - the most important facts at a glance. Create the change with the in…

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SCHEMA Live recording: Automation step by step

Standardise and automate repetitive tasks - automation means that this can be configured directly in SCHEMA S…

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Sell Spare Parts Directly Via the Service Information System

FACT SHEET | Boost your spare parts sales, speed up the ordering process and reduce the workload of your serv…

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Increase Your Service Business

BROCHURE | What does your digital service strategy look like? Our brochure tells you how a service informatio…

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Warning Notices in ST4

“Is everything SAFE at your end too?” Many technical writing departments work according to the SAFE principle. It is a recommendation for the design of warning notices based on the ANSI Z535.x and the DIN EN ISO 12100 standards and it defines their structure. A signal word (S) is followed by a description of the archetype (A) of the hazard and the final consequences (F) the hazard may have. The warning is followed up with measures to escape (E) the risk, that is, what should be done to eliminate the risk.


Semantics in Technical Documentation

Semantics is a buzz word that continues to circulate the technology world. “Semantic web” or “semantic knowledge manageme…


Why Your Service Needs Digital Spare Parts Catalogs

Are you in charge of your company's aftersales department and currently facing major challenges such as digitization? Fin…


5 Challenges That Service Managers Must Solve Now

Machine and plant manufacturers must develop new business models and cut costs to remain competitive. Service managers an…