What is Quanos InfoCube?

Do you know it? There is no central storage point in your company for the technical documentation of your products. Valuable working time is wasted searching for the right information in paper or PDF documents. And neither employees, nor customers or business partners know whether the respective document is even up to date. It would therefore be ideal to bundle all this content from different sources in a central place on the web, to be able to update it in real time and make it easily searchable. It would be equally desirable to provide different views for different target groups, so that each user sees only what he or she is supposed to see, and in a cutting-edge look. It's all very simple: with Quanos InfoCube. 

How does Quanos InfoCube work?

With Quanos InfoCube, you can implement service and after-sales information systems to distribute mostly technical product-related information from SCHEMA ST4, but also from other sources, to customers or employees in customer contact in a targeted manner. In the simplest case, it is an Internet portal in which the entire technical documentation is available. Users can access the information in Quanos InfoCube anytime and anywhere, even offline. The distribution of information is secured against unauthorized access on several levels. 

Quanos InfoCube is a cloud-native application running on a Kubernetes cluster. Thanks to SaaS, you can be up and running within a few weeks without much involvement from your IT department. 

Introducing Quanos InfoCube

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How can Quanos InfoCube be used?

Quanos InfoCube can be used in many different ways. In the following, we present four possible scenarios.  

A documentation portal based on Quanos InfoCube provides a central point of contact on the Internet where all technical documentation is available. Users can quickly and precisely find the right content in the entire information inventory with an easy-to-use search system. Updates are made in real time, so that the user always has up-to-date information at hand. Unlike with PDFs, access is also user-friendly on mobile devices. 

An online software help system based on Quanos InfoCube is a context-sensitive help system for software applications that is made available centrally on the Internet. It is suitable for complex cloud applications as well as for classic desktop applications. In addition to the help system, further information such as FAQs, guidelines or knowledge base articles can be stored, which can be updated easily, quickly, and independently of the software development. Quanos InfoCube offers efficient but simple search mechanisms to find the right content quickly and precisely in the entire information inventory. Different users can be given access to different sections of the information inventory, e.g. depending on the licensed modules or the user role.  

A service or employee information system based on Quanos InfoCube is an information service for the targeted distribution of mostly technical product-related information to customers or employees in after-sales processes. This way, they have access to information always and everywhere, on- and offline, and always up-to-date! Content that is relevant to the current case of application can be found more quickly using the intelligent facet search than with a pure full-text search. Different access rights can be defined for different target groups.  

Content Application Integration based on Quanos InfoCube uses the GraphQL API of Quanos InfoCube to embed SCHEMA ST4 content into other information services. This is interesting, for example, for company portals and/or company-specific apps that include technical documentation or other content from SCHEMA ST4 and which do not require an offline mode. This allows technical documentation or other content from SCHEMA ST4 to be integrated into existing information services, or existing experience and resources to be brought in to provide innovative information services.  

This is how the InfoCube makes your daily work easier

Quickly and easily

Content relevant to the current issue can be found faster and more conveniently using the intelligent facet search than with a pure full-text search in conventional websites. 

Access via the
browser & as an app

In addition to access via the browser, an app with self-updating content and offline mode can also be used. Users are automatically notified of new relevant information. 


Updates are simple and fast. Users are automatically informed about relevant changes.


Regularly tested software Made in Germany and integrated security mechanisms prevent unauthorized access.


In addition to the full text search, the intelligent search also uses the possibility to limit the search space based on automatically recognized keywords along different classifications (serial number, assemblies, information type, etc.). This allows the user to find the right information even in large information stocks.

Digital distribution
of your information

Information is not distributed as PDF files, but modularly as individual web pages. This makes them easy to use regardless of the screen size, and information can be compiled in collections which can be shared. Users can be automatically notified about updates and extension to collections.

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