In definitive terms, this means:

Searching for the right spare parts is a thing of the past

Find what you’re looking for without diversions - the right part quickly and reliably. Your service technician no longer wastes valuable time calling your service hotline or searching through different systems for the information they need. Your service hotline will handle fewer inquiries and the proportion of incorrect orders will decrease, meaning you’ll save time and resources.

No more difficulties selling spare parts

Sell your spare parts in quick time with our practical catalog system. An intuitive search locates all spare parts information effortlessly, allowing the customer to identify the part they need with ease, pop it in the cart with a mouse click, and order it right away. The order is placed without any further systems or assistance. Quick, easy, reliable, 24/7 - just as spare parts orders should be.

Creating a spare parts catalog doesn’t have to be complicated

Did it take hours, days, or even weeks to create spare parts catalogs in the past? Well that’s a thing of the past. Would you prefer full automation or is the manual editing of spare parts catalogs more to your liking? The choice is yours - we have a solution for every preference.


  • OPTIMUM INTEGRATION in existing system landscapes thanks to standard interfaces
  • GREATER EFFECTIVENESS - Minimum effort during catalog creation and when performing data and catalog updates
  • ADDED VALUE - ENHANCED SERVICE EFFICIENCY - greater customer satisfaction, improved dealer loyality
  • IMPROVED SALES - Accelerated processing of spare parts order transactions - quick, simple, and reliable around the clock

Key info at a glance

  • A digital spare parts catalog allows manufacturers to scale their spare parts business and get it set for the future.
  • Machine constructors, plant operators, and all those required to work with information relating to machines and plant get the data they need in digital form, any time, and always up to date.
  • Getting started is very simple and brings advantages from day one - even if the service information hasn’t been optimally prepared at the outset. 

What is an interactive spare parts catalog and why is it indispensable?

The interactive spare parts catalog contains the same information as the printed version with one exception - the contents never go out of date. 

3 facts about the digital spare parts catalog 

  • The catalog is available in digital form on data carriers (e.g., CD, DVD, USB stick), or via the Internet and Intranet.  
  • The data are bidirectionally linked with parts lists and other information, and are always up to date. 
  • Catalog authors and users benefit from the central availability of the data, which no longer have to be manually maintained.  

The spare parts business has been constantly gaining in strategic importance in recent years for all stakeholders - be they constructors of plants, machinery, motor vehicles, or equipment. For companies in the plant and machinery construction industry, spare parts continue to be the main turnover driver in the service segment. It’s therefore no surprise that the top five IT investment projects among machinery manufacturers include both electronic spare parts catalogs and online stores.

Manufacturers are watching with great interest to see how the market responds to the need to offer customers, service technicians, and commercial partners rapid support and simplify order processing. This need is resulting in a growing number of interactive spare parts catalogs being linked with online stores.

What challenges does an interactive spare parts catalog overcome?

Machinery and plant constructors and their operators have it twice as hard:  

On the one hand, they are facing major social challenges such as digitalization and demographic change, which is fueling the shortage of skilled workers.

While on the other hand, they need to come up with solutions for managing the ever-increasing glut of data and software systems.

The efficient management of data is especially critical for many companies and is one of the biggest hurdles facing the digitalization of aftersales service. The interactive spare parts catalog helps to overcome this challenge with ease.

The following challenges are resolved with an interactive spare parts catalog:

  • Spare parts and service information is stored in different locations and on different systems
  • Employee expertise is not always available
  • Permanent distribution and updating are extremely time-consuming 
  • Manual data maintenance and connection to ERP or PDM systems are often inconsistent
  • Identification of spare parts is complex and laborious
  • Extensive effort is required to identify and use the right information 
  • Realizing optimized spare parts logistics is very difficult

The three greatest data challenges en route to becoming a Service Champion

Decentralized data sources

Spare parts catalogs are a collaborative effort, but the individuals from the various departments involved work with different data formats and systems.

Contents with an expiry date

Good service is only effective with current data. However, updating analog spare parts catalogs is time-consuming and complex - in particular if catalogs are required in several languages. 

Hampered efficiency

Accurate service and spare parts information saves time not only for the authors of spare parts catalogs, but also the users. However, a lack of consistent and uniform data means creation takes longer and users are impeded by errors. 

How do digital spare parts catalogs overcome these challenges?

To the solutions

The most important advantages at a glance

Single source of truth 

Consolidation of relevant service information from ERP, CAD, DMS, CMS, and more 

24/7 service 

Possible to access information and place orders around the clock 

360° service view

Employees, customers, and dealers obtain the information they need 

Who enjoys the advantages of digital spare parts catalogs?

Interactive spare parts catalogs are of major benefit to manufacturers and operators who are planning the digitalization of their aftersales service.


  • Offer your customers and employees a 360° service perspective of your machines and systems
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by simplifying processes
  • Increase the efficiency of processing service transactions and spare parts orders
  • Boost sales in the spare parts and service segments
  • Reduce the work involved in creating, updating, and publishing spare parts catalogs
  • Offer your customers access to the relevant spare parts information for self-service transactions, and in doing so reduce your workload
  • Open a 24/7 sales channel for selling spare parts to your customers
  • Support your global sales channels, customers, and service staff by providing identical information in several different languages

  • Gain a 360° view of your machines, systems, or fleet
  • Consolidate all essential information in a single system, and in doing so create a source for your maintenance
  • Plan and organize maintenance and service tasks with the utmost efficiency 
  • Reduce the work required to identify and order spare parts, and thereby realize three- to five-figure cost savings
  • Improve your team’s efficiency by making all information directly available to them in one location
  • Reduce downtime periods to a minimum, and in doing so increase your production capacity

It is not only machine constructors who benefit from the intelligent, digital platform - it’s helpful for users too. They work more efficiently with digital spare parts information and enjoy added advantages depending on the task at hand:

  • Your customers can use your platform to independently identify and order spare parts with ease, without using costly resources. That reduces downtimes for your customer and enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Service technicians/ maintenance engineers save lots of time searching for spare parts information during maintenance and service tasks. They have access to an efficient service solution, which they can use to give your customers the best possible support.
  • Support staff have a lighter workload - reduced on average by 30% when dealing with incoming calls. And they can provide the best possible advice every time.

40 %

less costs for the creation of spare parts catalogs

20 %

less incorrect orders

30 %

fewer calls at the order hotline, as customers now order themselves

30 %

Less time required for sales activities

20 %

less time expenditure for order processes

367 %

improved efficiency in catalog production

The most significant benefits for authors and users of the catalogs at a glance

Advantages for authors

  • Easy integration in commercial processes
  • Catalog creation is simple
  • Optimized sales process
  • High degree of customer satisfaction and increased sales

Advantages for users

  • Find information on spare parts and services quickly, easily and reliable
  • Straightforward access and navigation
  • Access to the requisite data 24/7
  • Availability of information that is current and complete

Is a digital spare parts catalog right for your company?

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What benefits and key functions does an interactive spare parts catalog offer?


  • OPTIMUM INTEGRATION in existing system landscapes thanks to standard interfaces
  • GREATER EFFECTIVENESS - Minimum effort during catalog creation and when performing data and catalog updates
  • ADDED VALUE - ENHANCED SERVICE EFFICIENCY - greater customer satisfaction, improved dealer loyality
  • IMPROVED SALES - Accelerated processing of spare parts order transactions - quick, simple, and reliable around the clock

Key functions 

  • Intelligent, ultra-fast search functions for locating the right parts and information
  • Intuitive configuration requires no prior experience
  • Control of access rights for specific user groups
  • Easy to link to e-commerce stores – for a sales boost in the spare parts segment
  • Straightforward publishing for authors across different channels and data carriers, and in any languages from a single source

Can I afford to do without a spare parts catalog?

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Spare parts catalogs from Quanos make the difference – and make you a Service Champion

The difference between a good service provider and a Service Champion is first-class, digitalized aftersales service. That’s why ambitious companies rely on Quanos:

  • We offer quick and efficient solutions for the creation of digital spare parts catalogs.
  • With Quanos, users also have a comprehensive service information system at their fingertips. This lifts the functions of the spare parts catalog to the next level and equips companies with the tools they need to digitize their aftersales services.
  • Furthermore, with a powerful network of partners, Quanos offers organizations starting points from which to digitize their most important commercial and service processes.

Countless companies from a range of industries are already impressed with the benefits afforded to them by digital spare parts catalogs. Will you soon be sharing your success story with us too?

"Approximately 5000 users worldwide use our spare parts catalog, both online and the offline DVDs. These are updated weekly by Delta Updates via the Internet. This means that the spare parts catalogs are always up to date. In addition, we save considerable costs that would be incurred if the DVDs had to be newly created and distributed.“

Hans-O. Grundwald | Technical Documentation Manager CLAAS KGaA

How do I get started with an interactive spare parts catalog?

A digital spare parts catalog saves time and stress - and does so from day one. Getting started couldn’t be easier. Here are three tips to make it simple for you too:

  • Get to know the system
    Test the interactive spare parts catalog for free and get to know the most important functions on your own
    Start your online demo
  • Put us to the test
    Request a free demo catalog with your own company data.
    Contact us and request
  • Discover all the possibilities of Quanos
    Test your personal spare parts catalog at your leisure and together with your team.


And this is how it continues...

Once you’ve watched the online demo and decided to create spare parts catalogs quickly and efficiently with Quanos, you can get started right away:

  • Import service-relevant data into the software – the comprehensive toolkit also standardizes and structures data that haven’t been prepared yet
  • Process the data manually or automatically
  • Use quality assurance mechanisms
  • Publish your digital spare parts catalog fast

Do you have any further questions about the digital spare parts catalog?

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