What is Quanos SIS.one?

Quanos SIS.one is a software package for the easy creation of spare parts catalogs and service information systems. Quanos SIS.one integrates, consolidates, and links together service-relevant data, and makes this available 24/7 on a user-friendly interface. The result is an information system for aftersales and service which improves efficiency and quality, reduces costs, and speeds up processes.  


How does Quanos SIS.one work?

Benefits of Quanos SIS.one  

Facts and figures from our customers 

40 %

lower costs for the creation of spare parts catalogs

20 %

incorrect orders

30 %

fewer calls to the order hotline, since customers can now order themselves 

30 %

less time
spent on sales

20 %

less time for
order processing

367 %

improved efficiency
in catalog production

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With Quanos SIS.one, you get everything you need to digitise and optimise your aftersales service in one software.

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How does Quanos SIS.one make your daily work easier?

One system for all service information

Integrate systems, consolidate and network service data

Interfaces for optimal integration of commonly used ERP, PLM, CCMS, DMS, CRM, PIM, CAD, CAE, logistics, or e-business systems – away from data silos and towards a single data pool 

Spare parts information (parts lists, 2D and 3D graphics), technical documents (repair and maintenance instructions, etc.), and circuit diagrams (hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic) – all information in one place, available 24/7 

Data security for your sensitive catalog information through encryption, termination of use beyond the expiry date, defamiliarization of 3D visualizations, two-factor authentication, etc. – all to protect your intellectual property  

Quickly and easily create spare parts catalogs

... publish in all media from a single data pool: automatically or at the touch of a button  

Create machine, customer, and user-specific catalogs in every language

For high-quality catalogs: integrated tools for the automatic and/or manual preparation, optimization, cleansing, and editing of data, including quality assurance 

Configure the layout in the WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get), no programming knowledge required 

Single-source publishing – all data from a single source for all media. Online, offline and print – equipped for every application

Automated, semi-automated, or manual updates – for catalogs that are always up to date 

Full control and data sovereignty thanks to on-premise solution: ensure availability and access to your catalog at all times  

Identify spare parts in seconds:

Quickly, easily, and reliably – less searching, more finding, work faster 

Maintained, managed, and made available in a central system – no need to search through various systems or call the service hotline

Bidirectional linking of 2D and 3D illustrations, graphics, photos with parts list entries via hotspots, and all further service information included 

User-friendly, intuitive, and clear catalogs with complete and clearly structured spare part and service information, which is available online 24/7 

Visual identification 

Visual representation of machines, assemblies, spare parts 

Navigation through 2D and 3D graphics, photos, illustrations 

Direct comparison with reality 

Reliable navigation 

All service information is present clearly and logically at a glance 

Find what you're looking for without diversions – from machine to component to spare part 

Find what you're looking for

Full index search through the entire catalog content or within a specific section 

Search within documents and circuit diagrams 

Directly order spare parts in the catalog:

Anytime, anywhere

With just a few clicks, the spare or wear parts you are looking for are added to the integrated shopping cart  

Enquiries or orders sent straight from the catalog – no transfer of information via form or telephone necessary

Repeated purchasing: order history for quick and easy re-ordering  

Purchase spare parts, accessories, and service packages easily online

Digital, direct, quick

New sales channel where you can place orders 24/7: your own B2B web shop with user management system, shopping cart functionality with configurable process steps and check out, order management system with order history, discount, watch list 

Integration of customer-specific prices and discounts as well as availabilities and storage areas through connection to an ERP system 

More service revenue, suppression of the grey market, fewer incorrect orders, and relief for support hotline through easy identification of the necessary spare part in customer-specific catalogs 

Multiple use of consolidated, networked data and information in external shop and portal systems 

Quick, transparent, direct

Documentation of the “as maintained” status of the machine or plant

Changes in status, feedback, and service expertise documented directly at the relevant spare part 

Feedback and note function with the possibility of attaching additional documents (e.g., repair reports as PDF, screenshots as JPG) 

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Experience in our online demo how to find and order service information and spare parts with minimal effort.

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Important Quanos SIS.one modules and extensions

The efficient spare parts catalog system Quanos SIS.one has a number of integrated modules and extensions, leaving you with everything you need to digitalize and optimize your services.  

Quanos SIS.one helps you to reach the next level in service. 


Integrate your complete technical documentation into the digital spare parts catalog.

More info

3D spare parts catalog

Use existing 3D data from the design department for aftersales and service.

More info

B2B spare parts shop

Expand your spare parts catalog into an efficient B2B web shop.

More info


Integrate circuit diagrams, fluid diagrams, or hydraulic diagrams in the spare parts catalog.

More info

Knowledge manager

Compile service feedback and document the “as-maintained” status.


More info

Access via serial number and product categories

Use serial numbers or product categories for easy access to the catalog.

More info

How can Quanos SIS.one be implemented in your company?

1 software - 7 possibilities

Discover all the possibilities offered by Quanos SIS.one

The interactive catalog includes all data relevant for identifying and ordering spare parts and a bidirectional interconnection of these data. 2D and 3D graphics of parts, models, and exploded drawings are linked with supplementary information on individual parts and parts lists. The data comes from central sources such as ERP, CAD, or other leading systems, and is therefore always up to date. 

A comprehensive service information system is created through the expansion of the digital catalog to include information such as technical documentation, circuit diagrams, fluid diagrams, hydraulic diagrams, supplier documentation, or interactive formats such as training videos. All information is bidirectionally linked so that service engineers can switch back and forth between spare part information and the corresponding section in the repair instructions with just a click. 

A 3D spare parts catalog is created through the integration of 3D visualizations of assemblies and components. 3D data is informative, interactive, and intuitive. A 3D catalog allows users to establish more quickly the shape and geometry of components or assemblies through interactions and identify more easily the spare part they need. 

A digital self-service portal with spare parts shop serves as a central interface between companies and customers. It has all relevant customer, order, spare part, and product data at a glance. Your customers are able to gather information about your products, view technical documentation, access training programs, or re-order wear parts – and they can do all this on any device, anytime. They are not tied to your business hours and do not have to wait for a response from your service team, taking the strain off the service hotline. Don't just achieve service excellence, take your business to the next level!  

Store, manage, and share knowledge and experience from the service sector in Quanos SIS.one: service engineers note error messages, repair reports, notes on modifications or changes in construction status, application experience, or other notes regarding individual components or assemblies directly on the relevant part. You can therefore make sure that your spare parts and service information is always correct and that the valuable knowledge of individuals within the organization is made available to everyone. 

Quanos SIS.one combines, centralizes, and smartly networks all service information. Your service engineers, spart parts sales personnel, support staff, and aftersales managers receive all the information they need at a glance – in ONE system. Quanos SIS.one will therefore become your internal information system for aftersales, support, and service.

Do you create customer-specific machinery, plants, devices, or vehicles? You may wish to only give your customers spart parts information relating to the exact machine they are using. Quanos SIS.one supports you with this: create customer-specific spare parts catalogs and make these available to your customers – with customer-specific prices, availabilities, or delivery times.

Your unique Quanos SIS.one

Quanos SIS.one is a standard software which offers you maximum flexibility and customization with its modular design and standard interfaces for easy integration into your system landscape. Our experts provide you with comprehensive and competent support right from the start.  

Do you need more individualization?

It is possible to customize our software solution. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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What our customers say

BE Semiconductor Industries N.V.
„With Quanos SIS.one, we can create our spare parts catalogs from CAD data and make them available online and offline. Previously, labor-intensive manual work was required to create 2D graphics, and thanks to Quanos, this can now be automated. The system is also so intuitive that you don’t need really specialized knowledge to create catalogs.“

BE Semiconductor Industries N.V. Frank Goller, Director Spares and Tooling

„[…] has much more to offer than a conventional spare parts catalog. We use the software to access a wide range of information from a single, centralized platform: Operation and management instructions, supplier documentation, maintenance and assembly instructions, and the material used can all be accessed easily using the parts search. This service portal represents significant added value for the user and has received a great deal of praise both internally and externally.“

KORSCH Ingo Klaer | Head of Development

Claudius Peters Projects GmbH
„We were particularly excited to learn that [...] can easily and rapidly transfer decades-old data onto a modern system.“

Claudius Peters Projects GmbH Thomas Nagel | Operations Director

„Today, representatives can search through the online catalog themselves, thus eradicating 60% of the original support required for spare parts, as inquiries are no longer forwarded to our Customer Service team. Those savings allow us to offset our investment […] easily, and with 40 customer service representatives and a turnover of 132 million euros we have made back our investment in two years.“

EREMA Christoph Krump Manager | Spare Parts Business

See for yourself

Get to know our software

Experience in our online demo how to find and order service information and spare parts with minimal effort.

Test online demo

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